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9th Jun 2005, 15:22
ok i got a question..that most of u probably dont care..but even in the cutscene trailer we've seen..it looks to me as cops dont even give a flying pig in space if they kill the shield....whaddup?...how much will they actually protect u in the single player..nd how much can they take b4 it starts killin u either on or offline?...if u kill a shield online...points deducted?...as if u kill a hostage? :confused:

9th Jun 2005, 15:34
Not to sound too white or anything...

but could you rephrase this?

I can't really understand what you are asking

9th Jun 2005, 16:03
ok...u know when they take control of a person fer cover..which they say is a shield in the game?.....have u seen the trailor of the cut-scene where the black cop just takes a shot at the thug hopin to hit anything he can?...even though theres a hostage there he doesnt care...well what im tryin to say is...in the single player..when ur a thug..nd u take a hostage...are all the cops just gonna be gun happy nd start shootin?...nd if they do.....how long do u have until the gunshots kill the hostage and start hurting the player...and if the hostage is killed....are points taken away(online)....hopefully its better understood now???

9th Jun 2005, 16:33
I would say that would only matter for the cops...

Shooting a hostage would be bad.

9th Jun 2005, 16:50
yeh but what about the thug...when does he start getting hurt i wonder?...or maybe he doesnt at all

9th Jun 2005, 17:40
Well most games where you can take a hostage like that, it will show you that persons health as well...

then once that is gone, it starts to take yours away.

I would hate to reference such a crappy game, but look at Goldeneye: Rogue Agent... that's how it worked in that.

9th Jun 2005, 18:26
yeh i hear yah now..thanks :thumbsup:

9th Jun 2005, 23:07
Well we still don't know what STATS are tracked. i asked this b4 . Maybe someone can answer this better. NOT HOW RANKING GOES, but what stats will we see on your player menu online?

9th Jun 2005, 23:13
I also think playing a COP would get you ranked up faster, being you can't just play carefree and that would be harder. i think they should NOT post the way RANK works. we seen to much rank up stuff in online games anyway. SIMPLE, play good go up, play like crap, go down. BUT the EDGE should go to the COPS. :o

10th Jun 2005, 00:21
i agree with alot of ur ideas...but then again bro..think..maybe the thugs arent getting new cut-edge weapons like the cops...nd cops cant get arrested...(assuming that thugs can be apprehended as it shows it sum pics)...so thugs may be carefree..but they better start givin a dang or they will get run over real qwik....just like terrorists on socom..yeh they got advantage on most maps cuz of play style or land..but seals get better weapons..keep in mind each side will have its advantages....i think stats should be kills/deaths..items stolen...how many tags u have sprayed..suicides...annddd...possibly shields killed... ...which gun u kill with most..or even maybe the weapons and how many kills u have with each...ur rank runs by what u have unlocked playa...show off ur rank by the gear u got....uhmm...im just sayin..its gonna be fair...each will haveta be careful...skilled...yah know...

10th Jun 2005, 00:45
i agree man nice talking and setting it right