View Full Version : New Pictures

9th Jun 2005, 01:49

they was added today and they scattered around so you gotta go thru pages to look for em

9th Jun 2005, 01:51
nice pics.....

9th Jun 2005, 15:16
these pics make me wanna.....i dunno... make me wanna goto eidoes nd start a 25tl mode of my own nd steal the game nd run home nd play it... :D

9th Jun 2005, 15:25
also there are two lil new trailers on there with a guy playin it online...short..doesnt show much....but it does show a menu to that of like socom..also shows a guy get mowed down nd die...pretty neat lookin...and notice the sweet soundtrack playin in the background as he plays

9th Jun 2005, 15:39
Whats with the different HUD's on those new shots?

do the gangstas have a different display?

On some of them it doesn't show the ammo count, like in others, and the health level looks different, like that medical sign

9th Jun 2005, 16:05
i noticed that too....posibbly one is online and one is offline?..or maybe it was just different stages of developement...or maybe its just left out fer a qwik pic er sumthin

9th Jun 2005, 18:59
mmmmm those videos are sick....i need some new underwear