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9th Jun 2005, 01:48
You people make me laugh with the stuff you put up..

First of all, Most of you arn't crips/bloods. and if you were crip/blood you can type correctly most of the time and you dont have to rep online. (keep that to yourself)

Second of all, if your making a crip/blood crew remember this is a forum, you are a nerd probly, and for the 1% who isnt a nerd don't make yourself look like an idiot and say thing such as " ECC CripS NHH gonna own you" because first of all, thats the nerdiest thing i ever heard, and you found that Gang name on a gang site that i found on google called Streetgangs.com.

Lastly, This game does look nice, it would be cool if you could create a private party, invite 8 of your friends or crew members and then fight with another group. After the fight, if your group won the fight you stay in the area and wait for new oppenents. And each time you n your group wins you get group Money/points and individual money/points. Therefore you could say " This is my turf ***** " and make it have meaning ..

9th Jun 2005, 01:54
yup...thats what i think should happen b/c cops and robbers will get kinda boring...not saying the game is gunna be dull, just saying that it should be a little more than cops and robbers...

9th Jun 2005, 02:01
Xplicit ya n while your waiting for new opponents, (this goes back to your other post) you can just talk with ya friends show them what your guy looks like, find places in the map that are nice, and stuff like that.

9th Jun 2005, 02:06
hellz yea...
that would be on point...

9th Jun 2005, 02:57
wateva ***** i been wit ecc for 10 years i kno all my **** my crip knowledge like c-40 i kno all my **** cuz so stay in ur punk azz place ***** mark azz *****

9th Jun 2005, 03:34
ok so you're supposed to figure out a console controller even though you haven't figured out that there's a word filter on this forum?? lmao

impress everybody, pull your lower lip over your head and swallow. lmao

9th Jun 2005, 03:41
Hey guys,

Those types of postings do not belong on the forum. Argue in PM and don't bother the rest of the forum. If you find a posting like this in the future, just mail the user instead of responding and ... making it worse. Everyone here on the board thanks you.