View Full Version : What do you do first?

8th Jun 2005, 21:59
What do you do first in campaign mode? Do you build up your military forces or go for building buildings, i know this would be different for britain since there protected by the channel, but for other nations, what do you build first?

8th Jun 2005, 22:03
I attack in all directions and then complain that no one likes me. ;)

I build enough military to stay alive, find a comfortable alliance and then start building my commercial infrastructure. I tend to play a peaceful game, but prepare to deal out hellish punishment to all who oppose me.

9th Jun 2005, 03:11
by trial and error, i think that winning the quests that give you free mills and hospitals should be #1 prority.

it's such a boost early on.

Then a barracks, then trade. unless your GB. then don't worry about the barracks just yet, get yer navies going ASAP.

9th Jun 2005, 03:17
I'll wait and build small army to defence only. And do a quick research to get the sawmill and hpspital for free (quest). Than i only concentrate on producing cavalry, my cavalry take 60% of my army.

Napaleonic blitzkrieg
11th Jun 2005, 12:02
Well in my first campaign as Great Britain, I tried firstly to concentrate on economy: build land, sea trade routes, improve infrastructure, the last thing you should do imo as GB is research land army and ONLY recruit units after you've build training camps (medium experience for units). GB has such a strategically good position, that you almost don't need a big land army in the first era: navy is the key for defence of your Island, while during diplomacy (especially defensive alliances with Spain and Hanover) you can make significant influence on France not extending its territory, while you build up all you need to wage a full scale war against your main adversary, the French.