View Full Version : gameplay online

8th Jun 2005, 21:51
iight look i say this online **** is going to be alot better then socom 3 this game showes that u dont need rocket launcher or M2o3s to be a good game and plus the guns on here are equal on both side

8th Jun 2005, 23:56
well for one thing the rocket launchers are in the socom series because IT'S A MILITARY GAME! they are not what makes it a great game.

you don't know whether or not guns are gonna be "even" on both sides. even if they are, losers are still gonna class the most popular guns as "noob cannons" just so they don't have to admit to getting owned. it's easier for punks to blame the enemies gun than it is to admit that they suck as a player.

9th Jun 2005, 00:17
yo man i agree