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8th Jun 2005, 19:08
ahh finally....ive sat back and waited fer a good half year reading all ur comments...nd i just want to comment myself on sun things:
1.25 to life is going to be a beast!....you'll be surprised how much of a fight it gives socom 3
2.Im sick of socom...i've played 1&2 and to be honest im not looking forward to socom 3....but i am looking forward to 25 to life.
3.Ok so this game is getting delayed..just like Halo 2..nd look how awesome Halo 2 turned out...so have patience...ive been waiting since December fer this game to hit the shelves.
4. 25 to life does has customizable characters...SOCOM 3 DOES NOT!!!...show me where it says socom 3 has customizable chars....it only has custom guns which u create by using attachments...which will uyltimately spoil the game when everyone is running around with a silent iw-80 with a sniper scope and a grenade launcher....dont laugh...Socom 3 will be nothing but grenades,launcher,nubs, and vehicles now...YIPPEE...thats why i want a freaking baseball bat like 25 to life has and beat the hell out of all these nubz...I love the Melee idea in this game.
5.I have been preaching 25 ro life on socom 2 now since december and everytime i say about it i always get:"25 to life?..whats that???"....then as i explain more nd more i hear things like ..."o damm that sounds tight..whens that come out?..whats the name again??"..i have not heard one bad response yet when i talk about it...i think this game would blow socom 3 out of the water if more ppl just knew about it...so ppl...PREACH THE GOOD WORD...The boys in blue and boyz from da hood are back in town!!!!...

well...theres my two cents fer now...until next time...peace homies..cant wait to see yall on 25 to life....u can find me now on socom 2 as: "A-Qw1k"
Peace :thumbsup:

8th Jun 2005, 23:15
Well you got a point there. 25TL i think getting delayed a few times lost it's media hype. BUT from the trailers and such, when it's ready i'm sure it will be promo'ed right again. i like the last 2 media's out. So i'm chilling with everyone else. :) it's just that i'd like to know more about the online play.

8th Jun 2005, 23:23
I didnt read all you said but Im not looking forward for socom 3 cuz 2 wasnt that great. and cant wait fo 25TL.

9th Jun 2005, 00:18
yea me 2 shytown

9th Jun 2005, 01:23
Amen to videogamemaster....

9th Jun 2005, 14:42
thankyou fer agreeing yall....i just remembered sumthin lastnight...Socom 3 will be 16 v 16.....GREAT...MORE TEAMKILLERS AND A-HOLES that noone likes..o yeh....more uncalled mines to run over...more annoying high pitched 3 yr olds too....o yeh nd half the team will probably just be sitting there since they left their controller to do sumthin else.....sorry man but socom 3 is just too hyped....i really think its gonna be the worst one yet.....i'll stick with 8 v 8 with 25tl...less lag anyway :rolleyes: ....socom 1 has socom 2 and probably 3 still beat anyway...so i cant wait to see 25tl slap em around! :o

9th Jun 2005, 14:52
I really loved SOCOM 1 when it came out, mainly because there wasn't much to contend with it... then SOCOM 2 came out, and they destroyed all of the great levels of SOCOM 1... then they added all new maps... all of which take place around midnight, in dense jungle, so you can't see anything...

SOCOM 2 was a dissapointment... Plus, online gaming on the PS2 is a joke anyways... LIVE crushes it.

I'm hyped about 25 to Life, and have been ever since I heard about "that cops vs. gangstas game where you can customize your online character" forever ago.

I just wish they would have never put a release date on the game. I would rather not know the date, than know it and see it get pushed back.

By the way.. SOCOM 3... adding vehicles, and larger games into a game that can barely handle what it has now.... MAD LAG.

9th Jun 2005, 14:55
the only thing socom 2 had that was good was the maps....

9th Jun 2005, 15:01
im just saying..LOOK OUT SOCOM CUZ 25 TO LIFE IS COMING FER UR TITLE!!!!!!.....i say vehicles in 3 was a desperado move cuz they are afraid of 25tl kickin their bums!!!! :p

9th Jun 2005, 19:09
yeah socom aint gonna hold a candle to this game...**** that, socom aint gon hold a flamethrower to this game.

more people just gotta hear about it

9th Jun 2005, 23:26
lol..... let's do the wave.... ^~~~~

9th Jun 2005, 23:35
its about time because somebody agreeded with me cuz the socom series is getting bored and 25tl is just the kick off of its series