View Full Version : When you first buy this game

8th Jun 2005, 18:35
What will you do when you first buy this game? Explinations if you'd like...

8th Jun 2005, 19:15
gotta play the single player to get all the online ish bro...and me..i think the storymode will be just as kick @$$ as online...then it will pay off if i get the tightest gear from beating the game..then ill also be experienced and ready fer online play! :D :rolleyes: :thumbsup:

8th Jun 2005, 20:46
i'll play a few of the single player missions and then get online. i want to get the hang of the controls and a few items unlocked before i jump into online play. once i get online i'll see if it's even worth it and if so i'll go back and beat the entire game and then return to online play.

8th Jun 2005, 23:24
I voted for the second one.

9th Jun 2005, 05:37
i'm gettin online right away, i'm gon be playin this ma****er till the sun comes up, so single player is for when the servers go down for repair

9th Jun 2005, 12:12
Im just going to play story mode for a bit first. I think it will be a better idea to do that just like BEER said to get the hang of the controls. Also if you play online you can upgrade your player. No point in having a basic player.

9th Jun 2005, 12:28
I work on weekends in an office with no other people in it...

so I plan on playing through the week online, then on weekends, take the Xbox to work with me, and go through single player...


9th Jun 2005, 19:12
hmm, i read somewhere that you can get certain upgrades by your online ranking as well as by unlocking them in single player, i aint sure if its a rumor or not, but if anyone knows what the good word is, let me know

9th Jun 2005, 23:42
i might play 1 level of single player to get the controls down pack then go online and get to blasting on yall fools