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8th Jun 2005, 16:38
Its not word for word because I was joking around with him a bit but here it is..

Transcript of E3 Toby Gard interview May 19th, 2005, by Trinity34.

TRComm: The Tomb Raider fans were ecstatic to learn you would b ein volved in the development of Tomb Raider 7. What exactly is your part in the project?

TG: I am officially the lead character designer, and what I am actually doing is kind of working on, well obviously, the remodelling side of Lara... her visual look. Coordinating with the other guys on the other characters... designs of the other characters, the animation system, and on storyline too.

TRComm: How do you like it here in the U.S.?

TG: Its nice.

TRComm: Has it been a year?

TG: No, its just been 7 months. I have only been here 7 months.

TRComm: What makes TRLegend different and unique than TR6 other than making Lara looking very real?

TG: The main goal with this one is to create more of an action experience than the previous games so its very much more an active sort of game... lot more use of gear and equipment. Just try to modernize it.

TRComm: How does it feel to have started all this?

TG: Its... its good.

TRComm: Terrible?

TG: (laughs)

TRComm: Where do you see Tomb Raider going from here? Is it a dying franchise or do you see the game progressing further?

TG: I think the game has to progress and I'm hoping that we're going to continue to.... I mean, I think that this TR7 is going to be a really solid foundation to start innovating from. I think there are a lot of people who are not convinced that TR can be done well, right? And I think that TR7 will show people that Crystal Dynamics is up to the job of doing that. But yes, we going forward.... we need to bring new things to the franchise.

TRComm: What kind of things?

TG: Just different types of gameplay. I mean, fundamentally, its an exploration adventure game, but there's masses of... kind of things....we can do to... masses of game play opportunities to explore in space, of the TR idea and I think it will be interesting to see where we can go with that. Rather, than, it's just like watching television, people are pretty bored of watching the same thing. So, yes, we need to innovate.

TRComm: Can you say anything on the storyline?

TG: No, we have a strict embargo.

TRComm: Are the events after TR4 ever going to be explained?

TG: No, its a whole new story.

TRComm: There is some speculation of whether Angel of Darkness will ocntinue in TR7. Is this going to happen?

TG: No. From my point of view I am trying to realign the character to what I was on about in the first place.

TRComm: That was a long time ago.

TG: (laughs) That was just a blink of an eye... and some of the things in between times that have gone on are very inconsistant with what... who I think Lara is.

TRComm: Is Kurtis coming back or does Lara have a love interest?

TG: I cannot say.

TRComm: Is the game going to be on Xbox360?

TG: I'm not sure, there is no decision on that.

TRComm: Is there any other information or hints you would like to tell Lara's fans about?

TG: Only just that people are going to learn more about Lara's motivations, what drives her, who she is... that is what I am hoping to explore in this game.

TRComm: She has a team in this game, or there is a team that works with her or for her?

TG: There is some support... yeah, she has a tech team, but not the same as the movies, so that she is not alone all the time.

TRComm: Is that team located in Croft Manor?

TG: Yeah.

TRComm: So the mansion is back?

TG: Yeah.

TRComm: That was something people wanted to know, if the mansion was back. So I assume there is a training level in the mansion?

TG: I can't really go into that.

TRComm: Any vehicles in TR7?

TG: Umm.. that one is up in the air as well.

TRComm: Anything else you wold like to say about it?

TG: I think it will be good.

TRComm: Do you know when it will be released?

TG: Winter.

TRComm: Thanks a lot, it was good meeting you.

Download audio interview here (http://www.tombraidercommunity.com/7_index.php)

8th Jun 2005, 16:48
Thanks for the interview. Both! :)

8th Jun 2005, 16:50
Good job Trinity34


Mangar The Dark
8th Jun 2005, 18:53
Thanks for the transcript of that.

Jeez, Toby doesn't sound very energetic or enthusiastic does he? Seems like all of his answers consist of, "Um, yeah... um, I don't know..."

8th Jun 2005, 19:10
Thanks for the transcript of that.

Jeez, Toby doesn't sound very energetic or enthusiastic does he? Seems like all of his answers consist of, "Um, yeah... um, I don't know..."

*grin* I think that is what happens when you are interviewed with the equivalent of a 'gag order' hanging over your head. TG is there, and my fingers are crossed he and CD will be very successful in their quest for 'making it right.'

*waves* Thanks Trinity!

Sophia Leigh
9th Jun 2005, 07:10
its nice to hear that the mansion will be back ;)