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8th Jun 2005, 13:40
Well its kinda funny how when you die on socom, you can see everything that goes on around you....And a thing me and my cuz like to do is to waste a clip in a dead player...

Well getting to the point; i think there should be some things you can do to taunt other players after you kill them...Like flickin them off, or spittin on them, or smack them....just a thought i think would be really cool....


8th Jun 2005, 19:21
Awesome idea bro...i agree...kickin em when they're down..cant get much more disrepectful then that..i love the idea...i know that would wanna make me go ballistic...good lookin out

9th Jun 2005, 05:41
i could feel something like that, but even if there aint nothin programmed in i can allways crouch above thier head and teabag them :eek:

9th Jun 2005, 12:30
I'm sure teabagging will be in the game, seeing as all you need to do is duck...

But I read in an interview recently with some Avalanche guy that seeing as there is graffiti in the game, you will also be able to spray your logo over dead bodies as well... I'll try to find the quote.

9th Jun 2005, 12:31
Here it is


"The last mode is a Tag mode where each side tries to claim territory on the map by tagging the area with some graffiti. Whichever team has the most territory dominates the round. But just having some bland tag would be a crime so 25 to Life is including a system for customizing the tags. Every player can then have his own tag to spray anywhere. And besides the Tag mode where it's encouraged, this can be done in any mode just for the hell of it. One of the best uses is to tag the ground beneath the corpse of a fallen enemy. Nothing says, "I owned you," like a little bit of spray paint as the other player waits out the round or is stalled there until he is respawned."

9th Jun 2005, 14:49
TIGHT :thumbsup:

9th Jun 2005, 19:04
amazing.........i, for once in my life...am speechless