View Full Version : how yall feel about the online play

8th Jun 2005, 02:15
i thinks its going to be real sweet

its going to run well.

think about it its going to be like the summer biggest game coming out

8th Jun 2005, 04:24
think about it its going to be like the summer biggest game coming out

like it or not socom 3 is going to beat this in its sales, its unfortunate, but true. i personally plan to play 25 to life till my thumbs are bloody stumps :eek:

8th Jun 2005, 10:11
I think there's is room for both. I been playing SOCOM1,2 and will get 3. But 25TL IS A NICE SWITCH. It's got the right idea. Also it can be different from them but still have the "same kinda" feel. I hope so anyway. We know about the past online game's that had promise but failed. I think a lot of it has to do with most players "growing up" with Socom. Like it or not Socom is the bar to hold online games with (ps2 guys understand, xboxers are missing out). I think that if developers understand what makes Socom so good, than they to can create a game idea and using a close layout make a Great game. few examples. Respawn= most play it to warm up or play a certain map. So a we need to have maps options that turn it off and on. Now without Respawn, on the bigger maps if you die fast you might as well go to sleep for the next game to start. Socom3 will have bigger maps, Not sure how they will work. But playing smarter and sticking together helps. All the other 2v2 4v4 online games were a bust because we got used to having a lot of action. not because they were bad, just that they seemed limited. 25TL is 8v8, I think that's fine. CONTROLLER SETTINGS= this needs to have many options at the menu screen. those that played SOCOM know the L3/R3 problem. What I did was get a mad catz micro controller and wipe both out. Would I of bought the ebay mod'ed controller? yes and I might still. HEADSET CHAT= this is a no brainer, NO HEADSET CHAT= NO SALES. but I feel that a big part of the game is when your dead. I think players will not go crazy if they "DEAD CHAT" to each other. GAME ROOM TIME= again there should be anywhere from 3min to 12min. depending if the GAME ITSELF is not respawn and is some kinda best of. BEST OF (such as 3 out of 5 etc.) = gives a goal for a team to achieve beside killing the other side. MAPS= yes you need maps. and different styles(ex-urban,jungle,somewhere-in between), playing types (bomb,kill-all,capture-flag,hostage,escort) and what ever the developer thinks of. FRIENDS LIST= Simple NEEDED. CLAN ROSTER= if the game plans to go in the ONLINE AREA, than this is also a must PASSWORD ROOMS=Simple It's needed. from playing 1 map to playing in clan matches. It's an important part of any online game. VOTE OFF's=needed because of Dumbazzs, SIMPLE ONLINE PLAYER= needed...lol BUT NOW there getting better, FULL CUSTOM PLAYERS...... the new wave. SOCOM3 has it, 25TL has it.

This is just me ONLINE BASIC'S LIST. than from here we see what each Developer comes up with. From what I'm reading 25TL is going to be HOT and maybe 25 To Life 2 will smooth out the wrinkles. to me SOCOM1 is still fun playing online among friends you know that are not cheating. Also Zipper listened to there gamers wants/needs going into S2. So a Basic non flashy game can still make it. But I'm looking forward to 25TL. To bad 25TL is not letting out a beta, I hope that don't hurt them too much. But it seems on the right track.

8th Jun 2005, 22:01
yo man i agree with u alot of ppl i tell about this game say its go suck idk y they say that