View Full Version : Reinforcement help

8th Jun 2005, 01:24
I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or
it's just a game feature but the enemy can put 4
armies into a region and I cannot. :confused:

It says in the manual that you can move a fourth
army into a region which will then be used as

When I know I'm about to be attacked I cannot put
a fourth army in a region and use them as
reinforcements. But the computer moves four armies
in and attacks me so I'm at a disadvantage.

How can I defend with a fourth army if I know
an attack is coming? Is it possible? If not I think
this should be fixed, you should be able to
have a fourth army in any region at any time, but
they will still only be reinforcements.

8th Jun 2005, 06:24
You can move fourth army only when you are the attacker.
Don't ask me why, but that is. Strange game :(

8th Jun 2005, 14:12
Simple. Have ONE of your Armies in the Provinces Military Academy.