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8th Jun 2005, 00:05
I was playing a major battle the other day, unusual in that it was a large battle fought without the usual mass attack of peasants running mad over the battlefield. I was sitting back and zooming into the masses of volleys fired by both sides and noticed the dying and injured trying to crawl away after being shot and others mortally wounded actually going through their death shakes, fantastic. I just think theres the same problem with the total war series, being too interested in the main battle and events happening so fast, you dont have time to zoom in and actually watch the battle from the soldiers point of view which is a great pity, because you miss the fantastic attention to detail and great work by the makers of the game.

Again as has already been said on the forum, a sliding speed bar that you can specifically really SLOW down the action would make it less of a click fest and more of a thinking wargame to appreciate the hard work of the game designers. Surely this feature could nt be that difficult to add ?

8th Jun 2005, 02:18
I had a great moment today. French Fusiliers wading across a river, four ranks deep, muskets over their heads. My British 12-pdr, firing straight into them, mowed down an entire rank. Just a straight line of river running right through the French column.

8th Jun 2005, 04:52
Yeah that happened to me in hanover, i was prussia, the french attacked me trying to liberate hanover for like the 12 time. They decided to take the water instead of the bridge and my horse howitzers tore them to pieces. And i agree, the men on the ground twicthing and such is really realiztic.