View Full Version : Need Help Please!

7th Jun 2005, 22:42
Ok, i've beaten the game 3 times and I have yet to figure out how to assort all my troops in a single long line. I find it impossible to beat my enemy on an open plane, 10 vs 10 units of line infantry same experience and everything...

Is there also a way to have that line's each unit attack the one opposite of it? (Like the furthest left flanked unit attacks the enemy's furthest right flank?)

7th Jun 2005, 23:11
Use the grouping hotkeys to separate your units into groups. Then just hit the numbers and go down the line assigning targets.

8th Jun 2005, 11:56
But whenever I do that the soldiers go diagonal to where I want them and I can't straighten it.

8th Jun 2005, 20:49
The N key rotates the units in place.