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7th Jun 2005, 16:58
My problem:
I'm in era 3 and at war with France (I'm England). How do I move my infantry onto France soil? Drag and drop troops from England onto France soil won't work, drag and drop troops from ship onto France soil won't work. I have sank all the ships in the Atlantic. There's nothing else to do/play.

Also, what can you do with Right of Passage? I can't seem to drag and drop my troops onto lands that had granted me right of passage.
I'm very disappointed with this game. It's a click-fest that's all it's. It required very littel imagination or thinking to play. it's a matter of time (click and wait).

Can you amass more than 99,999 pieces of nugget? Reason being if a country begging to make peace with you by offering nuggets but you can't keep the nuggets, why give them peace?

7th Jun 2005, 17:13
You can only disembark troops into provinces with a dock.

Right of passage works fine for me. Just move your troops into the nation that granted the right and a blue icon will appear over there heads showing that they are moved via a right of passage.

Don't know the gold limit. I've never gotten high enough to worry about it. There's plenty of things to invest in, all of which keeps the game interesting for me.

7th Jun 2005, 17:14
First, your troops must be in the same province as a dock with ships at the ready in the same area. That should be obvious. From there you can drag and drop an army onto the ships. You will have to wait a turn to finish boarding. To get troops onto French soil you have to either go to the port at Brittania or Batavia.

7th Jun 2005, 17:50
Gold is maxed out at 99,999. I've lost amolst 150,000 due to that silly limit.

7th Jun 2005, 18:44
Yes my gold maxed out mid way thru the second era now i'm half way thru the third era with low funds :confused:

7th Jun 2005, 20:51
Really? I havent been low on funds since the end of the first era! 99,999 seems like a fine limit since building in the third era only cost like 10,000 each. My problem is with Raw materials, i never have enough :mad:

7th Jun 2005, 21:24
I have a vague recollection that someone said you can modify the data file to increase the gold limit.

7th Jun 2005, 23:48

8th Jun 2005, 13:29
I thought i had enuff reserves of money and population till i started to build armies and invade places.I'm now at the end of third era a few more pointless advance and tech will be finished.Its only a matter of cleaning up eastern europe to end.

Next game i'm trying it on meduim :eek: and going to try a dictatorship ;)