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7th Jun 2005, 13:59
I'm a big fan of the military music of the times, and in fact enjoy a listen of the Napoleon military marches. It seems totally lacking from IG, which is a shame. Comparing this game to Microprose's 1994 attempt with Fields of Glory, the voices are there, but the trumpets and military music disappeared. I would love military music added for the battles to add to the whole mood, and I agree on another post, where the game should be made harder as well. The enemy always forms lines and charges forward, without even trying to take advantage of the field. And if you're attacking, and try to shoot at a garisoned building, the dudes come out of it :confused: after a few more shots from the battery, they begin to charge :D I'm not even talking about naval battles :eek: can't finish a battle without one ship at least getting out of the field :mad:

7th Jun 2005, 14:34
im not sure that the battles should be harder just the AI improved a little. it would be nice to know that the enemy have a brain for once.

8th Jun 2005, 23:15
Fields of Glory was a cracking game!

I loved the period music and loved the first time the French attacked me in their massive columns and the music even played the pas de charge (or "Old Trousers" as our lads called it - gotta love that 19th century humour, eh?)

8th Jun 2005, 23:35
Yeah, that's true! The French background profile music was "Marche de la garde consulaire" Which is March of the consularian guard :D it was fun yes, but too easy of course, back then the AI wasn't too good. in fact the easiest way to win Waterloo for the french for example, was to just command a full out attack :D

9th Jun 2005, 00:08
Does anyone have any good MP3's of period music? That would be a great contribution.

9th Jun 2005, 00:11
I believe this CD is what you're looking for:

Napoleon military music (http://www.napoleonguide.com/music_revnapcd_buy.htm)

I think it has all the main tunes of the French army under Napoleon :o

9th Jun 2005, 00:45
You can find 'British Grenadiers' in MP3 on the web. Pardon my ignorance but was the British Army marching to that during the 1789-1815 period?

9th Jun 2005, 15:57
I'm not sure,but I think I heard it in the movie Waterloo, it's just one piece of their music really, during those times, each empire had at least 25 or so :p

Actually, it reminds me of the game L'Empereur by Koei, the times began around 1798, because in 1789 Napoleon and co, were at best mere officers. But in this game Bonaparte is present as a first general in 1790, which is untrue. I am unsure about the origins of some generals especially in dodgy countries such as Moldavia, i'm not sure all the names are fully accurate. But that's ok really :D