View Full Version : help with gamespyarcade

7th Jun 2005, 12:12
how do i play the game online with out using gamespyarcade how do u use lan?ps help

7th Jun 2005, 12:15
USB connection
thats the name right? im not sure but online gamespy seems to be the only visable way but it isnt that bad there are alot of ups to it this way aswell as downs

7th Jun 2005, 12:22
do u have to play for game spy arcade?

7th Jun 2005, 12:26
is there a wat u can get game spy arcadev with out payin for it?

7th Jun 2005, 12:32
erm yes
very few people pay
if you're new to this then simply read everything carefully and you will see it
i havent registered a new account for more than a year so i cant remember

7th Jun 2005, 15:29
Yeah you can register a free account here:


7th Jun 2005, 16:32
I believe you don't really need GameSpy arcade to play online, but you will have to know who you're going to be playing with in advance and send them your IP and the password, should you set one.

7th Jun 2005, 19:52
he set up has its ups and downs but mainly ups when all is considered