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7th Jun 2005, 01:09
I ve played as all the major powers and even on hard levels just after phase one Im basically in the position where there is no real opposition against me. By the time I get into the second level and I am able to recruit the good units with special abilities eg form square, all the opposition can throw against me are a few low level armies.
Don t get me wrong I love the game with a few tweeks ( such as a speed slider that I can slow the game down - especially even slower to watch the cool animations and fighting or speed up to get the units in place) but I love the major battles . When the patch comes out how about a few extra harder levels, the ability of the opposition to revolt against my supreme leadership skills and send the best that europe can muster against me. Maybe even the civil war feature in medieval total war.

7th Jun 2005, 02:05
I kind of agree with you. When the time i can built the Biggest ship, there's no more enemy i can fight with. And the best part is i haven't research all technologies i already conquer the europe.

Hope the game can start from 1801 so tech tree start from 2nd era.

7th Jun 2005, 02:28
ballan have you played as Prussia aswell? I havent yet, but I can imagine that being Prussians would mean that the game starts slower and you might have your stronger opposition. Or maybe Russia, as Brittain/France will be out of your influence for some time(so they can conquer neutrals without you interfering)?

7th Jun 2005, 04:24
Expansion is hard for the prussians.The french always attack and liberate the countries i try to take to the west. The amount of raw materials is a nice bonus for being the prussians though.

7th Jun 2005, 05:03
I agree wholeheartedly.

The game is too easy. England is the hardest one I've played, or should I say slowest.

It took longer than other countries because it builds resources so slowly.

Russia was the fastest.

I'm bored after only playing a week.

7th Jun 2005, 05:21
Yup, thats why Ive always lobbied for emphasis on tactical battles and mp rather than sp. Now that many of us are getting bored with the AI and sp campaign, what else is there? Time to go back to RTW for some mp? (I am currently #3 on IG 1v1 ladder looking for challengers... I got accused of hacks and cheats already :p )

Something I always laughed about was playing a free for all in RTW, and if someone left or timed out, his force would become computer contrlled. You know how aggressive the AI is- it was funny seeing who got attacked (usually the closest, unless hiding) and if they lost to the AI (god forbid) everyone would make fun of them for losing to the stupid AI. :D

7th Jun 2005, 09:51
mp is the way forward it almost never looses its fun and when it does its like 4 to 6 months later (if the game is anybit good)
even lotr bfme is still played online and you gota laugh at that game

7th Jun 2005, 10:47
Just finishing the Easy level... about to move on... I hope you all aren't saving it before each battle, then reloading if you lose (or don't win by enough) ;)

7th Jun 2005, 13:45
have to agree with topicposter..

it is too easy... even Prussia... as the AI in tech one has almost no cannons .. and cannot touch you in your palace :)

problem lies that the AI plays historic.. meaning accepting a lot of peace treaties... ;) and they are not going for the kill when they have a chance..

it would be better when major countries form a coalition this coalition cannot be broken for atleast 8 turns...

the only time this game has beaten me was my first game playing as French and Invading Spain with my starting armies.. I was masacered in the first battle and then everyone decided it was time to get their piece of French soil..

7th Jun 2005, 14:42
I just wish it would stop building all cannons in the later ages. Too easy.

I want to pit my Elite troops against other elite troops. But the AI rarely produces anything but cannons and marksmen. BAH

7th Jun 2005, 23:51
I only use the save game when I have to shutdown the computer, never to re fight a battle or a bad move I make, I live live with the decisions I make.

I also noticed a bug?feature?cheat?

if you are facing a battle on land or sea that you are greatly outnumbered and if you try to retreat and fail will be pursued and destroyed by the enemy. Accept the battle and once started either sail your ships off the map, or on land start the battle and immediately hit the escape key and choose retreat, the enemy will never pursue you this way. I think the land battle retreat is a cheat so dont actually use it, but I suppose its up to the individual player.

9th Jun 2005, 21:19
You are right, even with prussia the game is tooooooo easy :( Also peacefull annexation make it much easier!!! after only 4 year, there was only 2-3 small power to annex!
And AI is to stupid! :mad:

9th Jun 2005, 23:07
after only 4 year, there was only 2-3 small power to annex!

I've never seen anything remotely like that in my games. You're saying the AI annexed all of North Africa, Denmark, Central Europe and the Ottomans in the first four years? Screenshot please?

11th Jun 2005, 22:48
I didn't say only AI annex them, I wish they could(may be it makes more difficult to play) I have annexed Poland(military), moldavia(peacefull, sweden and saxonia. Brritish annexed hannover, denmark, holland, portugal and morocco. French annexed (spain and 2 sicilies).
May be it takes a little more than four years (because you need "improuve relation" diplomacy skill) ,but after that ( always UK learn it first!) you only have to spend your money to annex them!

11th Jun 2005, 23:02
And please explain me how to show screen shot and I will show it

11th Jun 2005, 23:03
Hubba hubba...press Alt and Print Screen on your keyboard, then exit the game, or shift to windows, go to a program called MS Paint, and simply hit Ctrl and V. Voila!

13th Jun 2005, 08:58
I tried Austria on Hard last night. Everyone wanted to kill me except Helvatian. So many units came my way, I never had a chance and I was wiped out before the end of the 1st year. I am wondering if the very fact that you research Military stuff and build Barracks etc before anything else actually has some Diplomatic effect on neighbours that we don't know about. I was fine until I built the Barracks. Then all hell let loose. So many Militia lol. Surely they should not be more effective than professional full-time Light Infantry. Although I only had the 1 starting L.Inf. Early Lights are never worth building.

14th Jun 2005, 03:30
:mad: Game is to easy because peacefull anexation!

Give 15% in your favour TO ALL COUNTRYS IN MAP for free a country is absurd and unbalance game! Just without that (5% at most!!!), and game would become a lot more difficult.....