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6th Jun 2005, 22:30
Ok I updated this idea just today with new facts and details..so let's get started :D . **Please reason why you chose yes or no. Also if you have any ideas of any new topics plese post.

Band Regiment


-To add 10% armor / 10% speed on reloading / 15% on marching

== This depends on what kind of music band plays ==

~Units In Which Consists The Band Regiment


~Number of People In Band Regiment:


== 8 drummers with 8 trumpets ==


-Marching Formation

== Makes all nearby regiments move faster by 15% (trumpets) ==

^8 trumpets scatter to one regiment( 1 trumpet to one whole regiment )^

-Volley Formation

== Makes all nearby regiments / cannons reload faster by 15%(drummers) ==

^8 drummers scatter to one regiment( 1 drummer to a whole regiment )^

-Solid Wall Formation

== Makes all nearby regiments increase their armor by 15%

^8 drummers and 8 trumpets scatter to one regiment ( 1 drummer and trumpet to a whole regiment)


-Coming Soon

**Ideas anyone? :confused: **

~Cost Of The Band Regiment

**Ideas anyone? :confused: **


1) OMFG why would you waste your time on band regiments?!

Ok dude, first of all the reload time can actually help you get some good kills in the front line right away. Another thing is that it adds armor to your men, making them harder to kill.

2) What happens if your band regiment dies?

Ok if your / all your band regiment(s) die, your men will go back to normal stats of armor, reload time, etc.

3) Ok...what if I I have 7 regiments and I want them to get more better reload time (considering the 8 drummers), what will happen to the extra one?

Your extra drummer(s) goes with another / other drummer(s)

4) Ok I'll just mass these regiments and I'll win the game mwuhahahaha!!

Heh? As much as I want the armor, reloading time time,etc., to stack, I don't. It would be too cheap / insane for some to have like 200% :eek: (out of the blue) reload time...you've invented the machine gun by now :p .

5) Does the band regiment have a weapon?


6) Can you send band regiments inside buildings / forests?

**What do you guys think?**

-More To Come!!
-Post Ideas in the "** xxx **" areas if you have any
-What do you think?


6th Jun 2005, 22:56
I should've put increase in attack!! :eek:

Oh well ill put that for my next update :rolleyes:

7th Jun 2005, 05:48
Thats a bit powerful, as 1 person could have like 16 companies and 2 bands. Invincible army :p. Im not quite clear how they work, do they add all of the stats at once or do you CHOOSE one? Like armor, an dno stat bonus on attack or speed? Im not sure, but if you choose, its reasonable. If they add all of those, way too powerful.

7th Jun 2005, 06:57
The bonuses is a issue i'll have to think about as will you all. But i think like we have seen in Cossacks 2 the ability to have a Drummer, a Flag Bearer and Officer inbattle. As we don't have a moral system as such in this game i was thinking the 5 experience stars we get could represent the the flag bearer, drummer and officer in there. So say when you get to rank 3 you get the *in order from 3 - 5 stars* Officer, Drummer and Flag Bearer.

Maybe the Drummer could play a different tune when it gets the flag bearer at star 5, which would add some originallity in.

Just another idea among many... will something be done intime to prevent me running to another game :confused:

Thank you,

7th Jun 2005, 10:55
Looking good, how would you visually implement the unit, i dont see how physicaly scattering would be possible unless there be individual sub-units.
I would also limit the amount a unit per battle be 1 .

As fore cost as such, i would ave em around a rilemans stats.

Going in woods and such like, whyc not but dont statck the bonus :)

7th Jun 2005, 13:28
So is there an area of effect or range for the band like the cannons? Or is it just enough having them on the battlefield?

If there is an area of effect, why not give them weapons to defend themselves? Its hard enough micromanaging the defense of cannons from attack but then to have the band up in the action will make it a little harder.

As Im sure the AI will pick out the band to slaughter and come after them just like the cannons.

But I think the idea is very intriguing.