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6th Jun 2005, 22:21
I was wondering if anyone in the forum used to play the classic Avalon-Hill board game, War & Peace. I still have my copy, and I was thinking that the quick battles in IG would be an ideal combat system for the game. This is not an official Eidos thing at all. Just little ole' me. If any of you want to do a PBEM of War & Peace, and use IG to resolve the battles, let me know. I'm working on some rules for it, and will run them by you to get feedback. K?

7th Jun 2005, 01:59
i am always amazed to find that people still play war and peace...i designed it almost 30 years ago.

more recently i did Napoleonic Wars for GMT....got a charles roberts award for it, and Wellington, same system but for the peninsula only, is at the printers now, and am working on a third under contract, kutuzov.

yes, it would be fun to resolve the war and peace battles using this system...we used to do it with miniatures....we would assign points to armies to buy troops in empire III set of rules.....you of course pro-rate the buying based on the size of the armies (i.e. you set up small, medium and large battles: you put a cap on how many points can be spent, and in this case also on how many units, obviously, then prorate it)

again, i am flattered you are still playing it. i check in at consim world every once and a while to read the posts on the game there, in between going to my nappy/welly postings.

have fun
vive l'empereur
Mark McLaughlin

7th Jun 2005, 13:39
I played that game more than even Squad Leader back in the '80's. Fantastic game. Having each numerical unit be a thousand soldiers really added a sense of how vast the battles (and my losses) were. GREAT job, Mark. I've got my copy under the couch...time to dig it out!

Mike, good idea. As a crust old wargamer, I'm hoping for morale in the patch, as well as a few other things asked for on the board. If some of those things get fixed, I'm absolutely interested. Is there a Cyberboard or ADC2 module for W&P?

7th Jun 2005, 14:39
i assume you are familiar with www.consimworld.com?

go there, go to the forums, to the INDIVIDUAL boardgames, to napoleonic.....there you will find a bunch of guys who post under war and peace. they play all the time, so i imagine they know about the cyberboard (i am not a cyberboard player, no patience for that kind of play -- i either do face to face board or miniatures, or i just play computer games against computer opponents)

good luck