View Full Version : Sound Issues

6th Jun 2005, 02:51
First off i'm sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere, as the bug thread shouldn't contain it because this is a technical issue. Second pleases and thank you's to anyone willing to help.

I run a terrible system, all the rage in '98 i'm sure, but quite dated now (Ten minute loading times), it's an AMD Athlon 1.1ghz, 256SDRAM, Fx5100 128, Ac'97 on board sound. Feel free to laugh at my specs, just don't post about them saying "LEIK OMFG HE NEEDS NEW PC!!ONETHOUSANDONEHUNDREDANDELEVEN". Now what happens is that I will enter a battle through the campain and play for about a minute, and then either the effects or the music goes to hell, it just starts this "brbrbrbr" sound that is twice as loud as the sound effects are (God did I yelp when it went through my headphones). The only way to shut it up is to mute either the music or SFX, but then shortly after the other one falls through. I think the voices on the soldiers keep working and it only seems to happen in campain battles, though once the music did it in the campain.

I am running the latest drivers and this is the only issue i've had, and only in the campain. Any advise?