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6th Jun 2005, 00:59
This is my first thread so here goes. :)

Band Regiment


To add morale to nearby regiments (makes them harder to kill)
To make regiments march / run faster (depends on type of music band plays)
To make regiments reload faster on guns / cannons (depends on type of music band plays)

-The Band

Drummers(must be researched / trained)

++If you have any ideas if there were any other musical instruments back then used for morale, please post them++


Drummers Play = faster reload on guns / cannons (must be researched / trained)
Trumpets Play= march / run faster(must be researched / trained)
Trumpets and Drummers Play= morale to nearby units (must be researched / trained)

-Cost of Band Regiment

Must be Researched
Must be Trained
++If you have any idea what cost it should be for research / train cost of the Band Regiment please post the cost++


Ok so the band regiment is basically a unit who supports men in battle by giving them inspirational music, but you have a choice which kind of things that you want your troops to benifit more on :D . It is even more advantageous to build a lot (but not too much!) so morale (overall) can be brought to the troops.

Ok so that's my post
Please comment on this idea

6th Jun 2005, 02:12
nice suggestion fella, but slightly flawed as the game stands atm.
Morale isnt realy implemented in the game properly some would go as far as saying its no existant.

But I would like to see drummer boys marching into battle infrom of thier brigades as im sure many would.

Perhaps instead of a morale bonus a firing and armour bonus would be better, to simulate the ryham of the beats to the stages of fireing or summat along them lines ..

But in all honesty i dont think even if it made its way into the game as a "separte" unit that many people would take the time to actually build them for the simple reason of
"whats the point of giving 2 units a mere x amount of bonus points when i can build another unit for the same price and have a attack value of xx

6th Jun 2005, 02:19
the game is on such a small scale and to fast of a pace to have the drummers and trumpets and a question can u hire specail units in multiplayer

Lt. Kyuzo
6th Jun 2005, 08:48
I think this could be an interesting idea if only implimented in a differnt way. make them a reserchable unit but not have them as a seperate unti have them as an addition to infantry units. giving them some bonus of some sort.

Maybe this can be done by a mod. as the game stands i hope that somone makes a realisum(SP?) mod or they release a patch soon as i think moral is a very important part of any RTS now days

6th Jun 2005, 17:23
Maybe some commanders on the battlefield. Increase the attack and defense of units who are near a commander. Until there is a definitive answer for morale on the battlefield, this might be the only benefit.

Would require the use of a slot in the army but allow your troops to fight better. He would have a small contigent of bodyguards but would fair horribly against any unit other than another commanding officer.

Just an idea.