View Full Version : Game loads but stutters during play

5th Jun 2005, 22:26
Eventually got the game to load when i removed gamepad. Now it's installed it plays slowly and jumps/stutters all the time.
I have a pretty good spec PC, capable of running Doom with no problems so it's not due to an underpowered computer.
Yes, i have latest graphics drivers and DirectX 9.0C and all background tasks are shut down, i have 1GB RAM - P4 2.6 - Radeon 9700Pro - XP Pro and i've got space on the HDD.
Done Defrag - scandisk - Virus scan and checked for spyware.

Anyone else having similar problems with the Radeon cards? or any ideas that might help smooth out the gameplay?
Not much help to be found on the Eidos site.