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5th Jun 2005, 20:49
PS2 and PC Server Maintenance Alert
1300hrs 05 Jun 05

The Project: Snowblind US PS2, International PS2, and Worldwide PC servers will be shut down for maintenance on Monday, 06 June 05 between the hours of 9:00 AM EDT and 11:00 AM EDT(1:00 PM GMT - 3:00 PM GMT). The system will be unavailable during that time. We apologize for the inconvenience.

5th Jun 2005, 21:18
Just curious, is Eidos using a desktop computer with a slow internet connection(maybe a 1mbit connection) for the PC online service??? cuz it lags TERRIBLY everytime i play :mad: .

6th Jun 2005, 10:53
running it from my computer would work better :P

6th Jun 2005, 14:38
It would be a whole lot better if you can really HOST a game in Snowblind just like any other fps games like Quake 3 where ppl connect to your computer and dependent to your internet bandwith when hosting instead of having only 1 crappy server(Eidos Server) that always lag 24/7 even only 2 ppl playing it still lags terribly :mad: .
I guess Eidos/CD are too stupid to implement that in their game or they want it to be really UNIQUE by not having features that any FPS games have. even a simple keyboard chat is not present. i wish CD will rework the horrible netcode in the so called patch :mad: .

7th Jun 2005, 22:06
what is it like when u playing m8 cant be good what r u seeing?

8th Jun 2005, 07:45
what is it like when u playing m8 cant be good what r u seeing?
Everytime i play ppl are flying or warping all over the place, thats definitely not good even though im using a 1mbit dsl connection, this game makes my connection look like a 33k :eek: .