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5th Jun 2005, 10:46
ok, im new here, as you can probably tell. i havent acctually bough imperial glory yet, so that swhere you vcan help me :) i hope.

righ tnow i play Rome:total war, alot, i mostly play online. but recently i got bored and searched for somethign new, when i came across imperial glory in a magazine, so i decided it migh tbe a good iead to put the sword and shield down for a musket and beyonet. but i also came across cossacks 2. they both seem very simialar games, and i was wondering if you guys coudl tell me what i should £30.00 on. cossacks or IG

also id like to know what the imperial glory is like online?

thanks for your help.. :)

5th Jun 2005, 10:59
cossacks 2, the first one was great, alas they screwed up the second one. Ig all the way.

P.s 7 spelling mistakes.

5th Jun 2005, 11:14
im try to type far too quick, i miss out letters and put them in wrong places ext.. im workign on it :)

what is online play like, i know gamespy sucks, its liek that with rome too

5th Jun 2005, 11:24
Online might be good...... if you're lucky enough to have it work for you, unlike some of us :mad:

6th Jun 2005, 07:04
If you are a tactical player, play cossacks 2. Battles are more realistic and difficult.
If you are a diplomatic-political player, play IG. This game has one of the best stategical section I've ever seen.
Remind......Both the games have many bugs actually....we have to wait for some good patches (the first one for cossacks is a failure!)

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6th Jun 2005, 11:02
I don't know which is the better game online IG has a very good campagn game and i've been hooked from day 1.

And don't be paying £30 go here http://play.com/