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4th Jun 2005, 07:50
Ok, I have what would probably be a newbie question.
I've played 2 campaigns now and still find it difficult to get sucked into war. Both campaigns i've played saw the various powers absorb the other countries into their zones of influence, the all of a sudden the game didn't really do anything. It really became an arms race as people built up their armies, but didn't attack anyone.
Has anyone else found this?
Do i always have to be the one that starts wars with other major powers?


4th Jun 2005, 08:25
go play on hard..

it is not that difficult difference is that on hard there is more combat...
and it feels easier as must have small armies due to all those wars..

at medium... you declare war and they got some armies to throw at you.. have fun

4th Jun 2005, 16:19
Thank for the info. So basically there is no diplomatic penalty for being the one to declare war, so long as I declare it, and don't just invade someone without declaring war.


4th Jun 2005, 16:21
There is a diplomatic penalty for declaring war, but by the late game, when nothing but majors are left, they all hate you anyway so it's no real penalty. Declare war! Have fun!

4th Jun 2005, 17:21
The AI also detects your "vulnerability" to invasion. So, for example, if you want to get attacked as England, load your army on a fleet and sail out into towards Spain. The northern minors (Denmark and Batavia usually), will declare war. But they wont if you leave your army in England..... Maybe it is because they cannot see you out there, but they will DOW. Then just sail back and kick their ass.