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4th Jun 2005, 06:40
Can someone tell me the meaning of all of the symbols above the troops heads during battle (ie boots and flintlock pistols), sometime I see yellow boots, red boots, red pistols and yellow pistols, what does all this mean? Does it have something to do with friendly fire? I’ve tried to test this idea and I’ve concluded that my troops cannot receive friendly fire from other infantry but they can from friendly artillery but the artillery never seems to have any symbols above its unit so this leads me to believe it is not friendly fire.

4th Jun 2005, 07:19
Red boots mean restricting terrain (can't move at full speed).
Yellow boots means "I think" that the troops are pooing there pants. :D

4th Jun 2005, 14:07
Crosswire-that's great to know about red boots, but please elaborate on yellow boots.

And does anyone else know what red handguns and yellow handguns indicate?

And if I could change any one thing about this game it would be the addition of MORAL. I can't believe a game on Napoleonic combat has no moral. How many times have men on a battlefield in any war and any time, especially in the days of Napoleon been completely and utterly annihilated? Answering: A resounding NO, NEVER NADA. So a word to the designers, please add moral on the next patch.

4th Jun 2005, 14:47
Yellow boots = slight inpeadment on movment speed
Red boots = Massive inpeadment on movment speed

red gun = Massive fireing penalty
mainly seen when a unit is fireing into a gorup engaged in melee

yellow gun = Slight fireing penalty
mainly seen when a unit is slighly behind a friendly unit

green gun = Posative fireing bonus

mainly seen when a unit is fireing from a building/forest or into the flanks of a unit.

4th Jun 2005, 17:45
Where do you learn this stuff, Yorkie?

5th Jun 2005, 00:14
read the manual :D

and by looking through files :)