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4th Jun 2005, 00:32
Why are all units equaly powerful? Like Hungarian Hussars were the best of there time yet they are the same as english copies. Or why are black wacth eqauly powerful as everyone else. A reason for this would be apreciated.

4th Jun 2005, 01:30
its probably, because its easier to balance everything this way. If you had countries with different kind of units, you would have to make sure that giving a country more defensive kind of units is just as strong with more offensive or an infantry heavy versus cavalry heavy.
However it is sad that there is indeed so very little actual difference into country troops (empires having elite infantry and some neutral countries having elite cavalry iirc).

Off course I could be wrong though :)

Gelatinous Cube
4th Jun 2005, 01:55
Aye. Balance is the answer, I'm sure.

4th Jun 2005, 08:24
I would've preferred some variation - you can balance things out by having a different army composition. Historically, the armies varied greatly and part of the fun in playing as different states is not only the different strategic situation but different attributes of units.....

4th Jun 2005, 09:52
personally I think lazyness is the issue as they know that other games have dif stats and I thought this game was classified as a sim ? err maybe I read the reviews wrong...to me it's good but just a generic combat game nothing really stands out and it's definately not a sim in any way. I'm going to look up when cannon mortars were developed and who used them. There needs to be more unit diversity but I bet this was "saved" for a add on- go figure :rolleyes:

4th Jun 2005, 12:08
Nothing the modders can't sort out Im sure.

4th Jun 2005, 17:01
lol the answer is money. it cost more money for more code. and it takes time to wright all that code, and making sure it's not overpowered to another elite unit. also that code takes time to write which cost more money. having to wright all those differnt stats and have connections to every DIFFERENT stat is hard when you can just do

infantry light (all units of this rank)
elite infantry (all units of this rank)
elite cal (all units of this rank)
... ect

again it's all about money.

4th Jun 2005, 17:19
I think sometimes companies intentionally withhold features for purposes of expansions. In RTW, they obviously built the infrastructure to allow people to play as all factions; since it took a week for someone to release a hack to do it. They just closed off the option. WHY? I presume for the same reason they did in MTW; so they could release an expansion that allowed you to play those other factions (Remember Sicily and Aragon in MTW?)

4th Jun 2005, 20:35
I agree with ryoken. there has to be an expantion pack coming out. because thats the only possible answer to the lack of difference in the empires troops.

5th Jun 2005, 15:46
However, British Hussars are better in combat than most others...54 to 50 from what i could see. There may be others ?

5th Jun 2005, 23:09
i want to know why the british have lancers...thats wrong, and the fact that cannons only have normal shot...no canester etc

yea it would make the game better if each faction had differnt army strenghths and abilatys..like the french shoud be able to merge battalions to attack the way the french attack.in a huge coloum, i supose as u have all said its either money or an add on will come out

altho this game has flors its a great game to play :D i just hope total war bring out a game set in the napoleonic eria