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Wiltshire Tony
3rd Jun 2005, 18:20
Several things under this topic that I need assistance with so here goes....

Is there a limit to the No. of Captains/Colonels etc that can be based in a province? Sometimes the game will not let me place my leaders/armies in a region that already has one or two in it.

If my Captain/Colonels etc has free slots for units why can I not fill them? I have them waiting in my Academy but cannot drag them over, and highlight, a leader to take them in.

Actualy thats it. All help gratefully accepted.



3rd Jun 2005, 18:58
You can only have 3 commanders (captains, colonels, etc) in a single province. A fourth can be sent in as reinforcements for a battle, but that is the maximum.

Make sure the leader STARTED HIS TURN in the province when moving troops out of the academy.