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3rd Jun 2005, 07:22
Can I get some diplomacy help? I am trying to peacfully annex a country (namely sweden) I try to improve relations 500gold 1000 gold they refuse, I try and improve through commerce only way I can get them to accept is give 50 gold for 10 food the same ratio does not work they will never sell more than 10 no matter how much I try to pay. And when I do succeed My sympathy does not actualey go up visibly. I just did a trade with moldovia and my sympathy stayed at 79% Can I get some help and pricing information? This is driving me nuts!

3rd Jun 2005, 07:59
Improving relations with gold in my experience takes a bundle, admittedly I don't try it until the later game where I have gold out the whazoo and they would be refusing chunks of change as large as 10,000 regularly, they almost always went for 15,000 though (usually they'd refuse 15,000 only after I'd paid them 25,000), I never experimented to see if there was a lower figure (than 15,000 that is) they'd consistently go for or not, also this was in an easy game, the sum may even be larger in medium difficulty (I'm playing my first medium campaign now, but even though I'm late game, it's as Russia so the gold out the whazoo thing isn't happening, though I'm not suffering for raw materials like I was when I played the as the Brits).

In my experience the higher your influence the more significant a trade has to be for it to has a noticeable positive effect, but even if the trade didn't show any change keep in mind the game keeps trade of fractions of a percent so maybe the result of your little trade was only .1% which wouldn't necessarily show up.

3rd Jun 2005, 08:05
hmm.... okay thought it was easier than that. How can one increase sympathy early in the game? I only need 2%!

3rd Jun 2005, 08:29
Try bulidings newspaper office adds 10%. Fight a war a libarate another minor form a great power.

3rd Jun 2005, 08:51
Quickest way to diplo-annexing countries will be acting as a "liberator" of the world. When other empires start annexing other countries, build up an army and go on a liberating spree to free those countries.
When a message pops up asking if you want to take the country for your self or let the native rulers remain decide to leave it alone. When you are doing this in a row (useful going on a spree in mid Europe: Piedmont, Lombardy, Saxony, Hanover etc...) EVERYBODY will start LOVING you. Even other empires, if you are not at war with them. At one time I had something like 73 average sympathy. Ironic how countries thank you for "freeing" them and end up being swallowed up.

3rd Jun 2005, 14:56
hmm.... okay thought it was easier than that. How can one increase sympathy early in the game? I only need 2%!

2% is exactly what you usually get when you sign a defensive alliance. Sometimes 1% or 3%, but usually 2%