View Full Version : Gameplay problems.

3rd Jun 2005, 03:52
Hello I’ve been playing IG for several days now but I can’t figure out how to make a single straight line from your infantry. I know it sounds ridiculous but keep in mind I am a veteran of MTW and RTW so I’m no newbie when it comes to these games.

Every time I select a group of units and hold a right click on the mouse and drag, the men cannot form into a single line, instead they go into this weird formation where the men aren’t lined up, units are overlapping, and every other unit as an extra unit behind it. I hope you guys know what I am talking about because it is getting very annoying.

Also I am unable to deploy my troops in the pre-battle phase like in MTW or RTW. I can’t move any of the men into anywhere inside the “red box.” And every time I click “start battle” the game begins and it’s to late. So can someone tell me how to fix both of these problems or teach me how to do it.


3rd Jun 2005, 04:17
When you click the troop, on the right hand side there's a 3 small box for formation. click the line formation and right click and drag the mouse.

For pre battle, highlight the troop you want to move and left click and hold and drag it to the place you want.

There's someone find out some hot key which is not at the menu. Ctl+Atl+H ~ hold position. (i haven't try yet)