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3rd Jun 2005, 03:27
While I would change a few things if I could, I really do like the diplomatic features for the most part. I think they add a unique layer of strategy to the campaign. Here's an example from my current campaign:

I'm playing as Great Britain. Russia conquered Anatolia (the Ottoman Empire). Since no British leader could ever tolerate a rival European power in possession of the land route to our Indian holdings -- What would the King say? -- ejection of Russia from Anatolia became a top priority of my government. But they had it heavily garrisoned and I wasn't anxious to get into a major land war so far from my placid and secure little island.

I noticed that Russia also had annexed Moldavia, whose garrison had gone off to participate in the Ottoman invasion. So I fomented a rebellion in Moldavia, which led to the Glorious Liberation of that Oppressed Nation. I immediately loaned the fragile republic some of my crack regiments -- second-hand provincial troops, actually, but enough to keep the fires of Moldavian independence burning (and the armies of the Czar occupied) for a month or two. As I hoped, the enraged Czar hurried his troops from Anatolia to crush the Moldavian rebels. Sadly, though they fought with valor and honor, the gallant Moldavians were no match for the Czar's cossacks. ("The King expresses his deepest regrets.... A deplorable case of naked aggression.... Glorious resistance that will shine through the Ages as an example to oppressed peoples everywhere.... Etc, etc.")

In the meantime, I stirred up a rebellion in Anatolia, timed to occur just as the Russian troops were bogged down quelling the Modavian separatists. Anatolia was liberated! Long live the Sultan! I then moved some of my own troops in from Egypt -- merely, mind you, to insure that the Ottomans would continue to enjoy the fruits of enlighted British government in the years to come. ("It is only with the greatest reluctance that His Majesty's government has agreed to honor the Sultan's request for British assistance....")

So, through diplomacy alone, I was able to wrest control of a vital strategic province from Russia, and bruise them a bit elsewhere, all without British troops ever firing a shot. A nice recreation of Britain's real diplomatic policy of the era.

3rd Jun 2005, 06:17
Giving troops is quite fun, as Russia's dictator I used my ability for conscription of basic units (and 20% off troop gold costs) to give tons of troops free of charge to halt various other powers imperial ambitions, was quite fun watching Britain or France invade Piedmont (or some other poor country) only to face wave after wave of Musketeers and Arabian Line Infantry (and Howitzers) until their better equipped armies turned tail and fled. As an added bonus for some strange reason countries like you better when you pull them out of the fire. :)

And I don't only give to minor powers, Prussia was down to it's capital province and I pumped it full of troops so it could expand enough to keep France busy and Britain in check (but not become a threat to me) all while keeping my hands clean and giving me a period of peace I needed to upgrade infrastructure.

3rd Jun 2005, 09:02
I love these options, but by the time these things are finished researching(inciting rebellions), the truly elite units, conscriptions, I have pretty much conquered 80% of the map. Research takes too long :mad:

3rd Jun 2005, 17:00
Excellent post. I strategy I shall try to use myself. Hadn't even thought of such a thing until you mentioned it. Never was sure what good it would do to free a country.

3rd Jun 2005, 21:13
Another nice thing about the diplomacy in IG is that the AI does it too. So many games have a veneer of a diplomacy system, but the AI either uses it poorly or not at all. (That was my biggest gripe with RTW.) In IG, the AI will make alliances, will gang up on you and will steal a diplo-annex on you.

4th Jun 2005, 02:09
And it will wait until your between alliances to declare war on you.

A flaw is you cant keep an alliace going .. they alway end .. and if you ask someone else into your alliacne .. it is part of the same over all agreement .. so on... for example .. the first of the year when all alliances end .. the computer declares war on you... so there is a witching hour turn.

You can wait for that as well and use it to take any small country without botther. Just keep looking at the alliance screen and the turn it has no allies declare war. simple

I have yet to see the computer get a coalition against me .. even when the major powers left all hate me .. and I have a large empire.

4th Jun 2005, 03:36
I have yet to see the computer get a coalition against me .. even when the major powers left all hate me .. and I have a large empire.

I have, I've even had Prussia offer a coalition against France in my current game (Russia on Medium), so the AI does make use of them.