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Difficulty Setting: HARD
Modifications: NONE

Where possible I have tried to follow the following conventions;
Regiment: A single land military unit; 60 infantry/36 cavalry/3 cannon
Division: A collective term for all regiments under the command of a single officer
The Academy: A reference to the Royal Academy of England, the fictional source of research
Squardron: A collective term for any naval units that travel as a group
OOC COMMENTS: Any comments which are "Out of Character". These are all in italics. They are designed to clarify any unambiguous statements in the AAR text and provide the reader with a clear representation of actual events.

Feel free to ask questions, make requests, and post any comments you have. I love feedback!

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1789: A Time of Peace

July 1789:

When I was promoted to Executor-General in July, my beloved Britannia was already allied with Spain and Hannover. One of my very first acts was to negotiate the further inclusion of Portugal in this alliance. I had heard some disturbing reports from my intelligence services indicating that the Portugese military had become saturated with hawkish generals eager to attack Spain. By forging an Iberian alliance, led by Britain, internal peace could be secured in Iberia (though at the cost of British gold). I viewed Iberia then as a potential region for diplomatic expansion. I would only later learn of the evil plans that would tear my alliance apart there. Hannover, on the other hand, was viewed, as I still view it, as a liability to the crown. It lacks any port facilities on both the Atlantic and Baltic coasts, a weak and ineffectual home guard, and it is ruled by corrupt magistrates. For that reason, my defense planning would never include the defense of Hannover in any way; though I would later use Hannover as a justification to motivate the King towards a foriegn policy that I desired.

Some representatives of the Royal Academy came to my office in early July as I was taking office. My predecessor, they claimed, lacked any kind of technological vision; a trait they claimed to see in me. Perhaps they were right. I immediately recognized the value to technological innovation. However, I insisted that the Royal Academy take its direction from the national research programme and direct their research towards improved Food Preservation methods. After consulting with the Academy representatives, I determined the full research budget was not required this month. Eager to find new funding for other projects, I diverted some Academy funding to my own purposes while maintaining a budget that was capable of the advancements we were seeking in Food Preservation.

On the military front, I ordered the immediate withdrawal of our military forces from Ireland. The Irish had been thoroughly subdued and those assets were required elsewhere. I had the Comptroller General draw up a Military Assessment Report. The British Fleet numbered only two oceangoing vessels; the HMS Temeraire and the HMS Leviathan; both sloop class vessels. This was hardly adequate for our needs, but it would have to do for now. Our army consisted of two line infantry regiments and a light infantry regiment. We were also in the possession of two competent commanders; Captain Wellington and Captain Barnard.

I told the Army Secretary to order all three regiments under the command of Captain Wellington and to assign Captain Barnard to training and enlistment. Of course, that would have to wait for the army of Ireland to cross into Scotland before marching south into England.

New Research Topic: Food Preservation
Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
Alliance Offer to Portugal: 950 GOLD, ACCEPTED
Fleets to Channel
Armies towards England

August 1789:

No important developments on the Foriegn Policy front this month; all is quiet in Europe except for a border clash between Egypt and Tripoli. The Royal Academy completed its work on Food Preservation improvements. I ordered the direction of future research to look into potential vaccination against disease. The new food preservation techniques would become immediately employed in London as I ordered the creation of a National Food Stockpile. The Irish army finally arrived in England and my regimental organization orders were executed. I have a bad feeling about our relationship with Denmark and Batavia. Their diplomats have become increasingly aloof. I sense that, despite my best efforts, our relations with the world are somehow slipping downward.

Research Completed: Food Preservation
New Research Topic: Vaccination
Army in Scotland to England
Transfer of Light Infantry Regiment to Captain Wellington from Captain Barnard
Building Construction Order: Rations Warehouse

September 1789:

A very quiet month. My sense of impending disaster grows by the day. Confident of imminent breakthrough, I have taken some funding from the Research Budget to divert to other projects. I ordered Captain Wellington's division onto the Leviathan. I want him to be able to immediately depart should he be needed. Captain Barnard has been grumbling about his lack of troops and the lack of new recruits to train. I informed him that he would be able to command some troops soon, despite knowing that is a highly unlikely outcome.

Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
Captain Wellington onto Sloop HMS Leviathan, Temeraire empty; Fleet in Channel

October 1789:

An exciting month! Research on vaccination has garnered enormous success. Unfortunately, the first few test groups were annihilated by the vaccine. The catastrophic death toll of the early versions caused a lot of public uproar. However, when the final batches proved successful and I used proceeds from the sale of the vaccine to fund the construction of local hospitals in all administrative districts in the Isles, there was jubilation! Ah, the public be damned for they know not a WIT! In the afterglow of success, I ordered the Academy to pursue a new Circular Saw design being proposed by some engineers in Kent. Confident that they would be able to complete the research within two months, I took a small cut from their budget to fund other projects.

The movement of French armies in Champagne has alarmed the Army High Command. Hannoverian diplomats complained mightily that the French were preparing an invasion force to crush them. I was fairly confident this was just another case of French bravado, but I could not be sure. To calm fears, I ordered to HSM Leviathan to carry Captain Wellington's division to the Bay of Biscay. If the French did attack Hannover, I could immediately order a landing in Brittany. I was able to send Wellington out with the best food supply a modern army could hope for; thanks to the completion of my National Food Stockpile in London.

Research Complete: Vaccination
New Research Topic: Circular Saw
Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
HMS Leviathan w/ Wellington ordered to Bay of Biscay
Building Complete: Rations Warehouse
MEDICAL REVOLUTION QUEST COMPLETED: Local Hospitals in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England

November 1789:

My premonitions have been right! The Danish and Dutch ships carrying armies of unknown size were sighted in the North Sea. Coastal villages in Scotland have begun impromptu defensive preparations in case of invasion. The Admiralty is in chaos. I sent orders for the Leviathan and Wellington to withdraw from the Bay of Biscay and return to join the Temeraire in the Channel. The diplomatic corps has sent special representatives to Denmark and Batavia to discuss these developments.

Danish Sloop sighted with army in North Sea
Dutch Sloop sighted with army in North Sea
HMS Leviathan ordered back into Channel

December 1789:

My worst fears are realized! Denmark and Batavia have simultaneously declared war against us. At the sight of the Leviathan's return to the Channel, however, both fleets have withdrawn to their home waters. Fortune favors us! Tis far better to fight an enemy divided! I immediately ordered the entire fleet to pursue the Dutch into the Wadden Sea and crush them in their home waters. That should send a strong message to those who plot against us. And should the Danish return to the North Sea, I shall crush them there when I am done with the Dutch. These war declarations have activated our defensive alliance, plunging Hannover, Spain, and Portugal into the war as well. I worry about the fate of Hannover, but I know that their military is too cowardly to leave their boundaries so they should be able to defend themselves for now.

On the domestic front, our research into the Circular Saw has paid off. I have ordered the Academy to focus their efforts on improving the Basic Education system of Britain. We need more scientists in the future and they must be trained today!

Research Complete: Circular Saw
New Research Topic: Basic Education
Danish sloop sails to Norwegian Sea
Dutch sloop sails to Wadden Sea
Dutch declare war on England
Danish declare war on England
Defensive Alliance reponds to both
Hannover in potential jeopardy
HMS Leviathan and Temeraire ordered to Wadden Sea / Wellington on-board Leviathan


1790: A Time of War

January 1790:

VICTORY AT SEA! Our navy was able to trap the Dutch Sloop Beskermer in the Wadden Sea and sink her. All hands were lost, including the pride of the Dutch Army. Our ships suffered only minor damages. Unfortunately, the Danish have returned to the North Sea. With Wellington cursing my name, the British Navy sails away from an undefended Batavia to defend Scotland from potential invasion. I have far better plans for Wellington; the invasion of Norway! If I can only sink their fleet in the North Sea!

Naval Battle in Wadden Sea, Dutch navy sunk, Dutch army destroyed, British navy takes minor damages
Royal Child Chosen: George
Danish sloop sighted in North Sea
British navy ordered to North Sea

February 1790:

VICTORY AT SEA! Our navy once again crushes the enemy. The Danish sloop Freya is caught off the coast of Scotland by our fleet and sunk. All hands lost, including the pride of the Danish Army. London newspapers report the slaughter of several Danish sailors washed ashore in Scotland by local villagers. Danish ambassador leaves London in disgust. With no remaining naval threat, I give the fateful order for the British navy to enter the Norwegian Sea and for Captain Wellington to invade Norway.

On a darker note, disturbing news filters in from the continent. Prussia is at war with the Austrian alliance; including Lombady and the Helvetian Republic. This may lead to instability and further wars; it should be watched carefully.

Naval Battle in North Sea; Danish navy sunk, Danish army destroyed, British navy takes minor damages.
Navy moves to Norwegian Sea
War: Prussia vs Austria/Lombardy/Helvetian Republic

March 1790:

Unopposed, the British Navy entered the Norwegian Sea and Captain Wellington's expeditionary force was deployed. Spies report the Danes have built an emergency defense army consisting of two regiments of what amount to armed peasants under the command of a Captain J.M.H. Castenshoild. A Prussian sloop was sighted in the North Sea, but I am not concerned. Reports from the continent indicate that the Russians have joined Austria against the Prussians. Prussia surely has its hands full in Germany and European newspapers have surely reported the utter destruction of the three months. No Prussian admiral would be foolish enough to take on the British Navy. On a different note, the news of imminent breakthrough at the Academy led to a slight budget cut to fund other projects.

Prussian Navy sighted in North Sea
Danish Army moves out of barracks in Denmark; 2 militia units
Threat assessment: Norway = Easy Prize; Wellington deployed to Norway
Research Cash Withdrawal: 150 GOLD
War: Russian alliance joins Prussia against Austria (DOW from Prussian ally, I think)

April 1790:

Wellington conquers Norway! As he waded ashore in Trondheim, he is reported to have quipped, "I do not ask for much; food, water, sleep, and an enemy with the courage to show his dirty face". Wellington's army is ordered to hold position in Norway while a reasonable peace with Denmark is negotiated. In response, he is reported to have quipped, "London be damned".

The Royal Academy's research into improved Basic Education for all citizens was completed with jubilation. To take advantage of the breakthough, I ordered the construction of new Primary Schools in England. The new research programme for the Academy includes advanced study of diplomatic relations with a particular focus into the dynamics of Peaceful Annexation. Confident in their ability, I reduced the budget slightly.

Wellington captures Norway unopposed, Danish army remains in Denmark
Research Complete: Basic Education
New Research Topic: Peaceful Annexation
Research Cash Withdrawal: 72 GOLD
Building Contruction Begins: Primary Schools in England
Peace on hold until Peaceful Annexation allows Commerical Treaties
Railway quest on hold until I annex Norway; very low danger of another country getting it now

May 1790:

PEACE WITH DENMARK! It is a glorious time. Norway's annexation was made possible by the transfer of funds from the British Treasury that were required to be used to purchase English goods. English export corporations report the sale of large stockpiles of raw materials to Denmark. Captain Wellington, no longer needed in Norway, was ordered onto the Leviathan to sail home in the following months. Norwegian papers report Captain Wellington's retort as he boarded the Leviathan, "It is a shame I have but Dutchmen left to fight".

The diplomatic studies have yielded fruit and I have ordered the Academy to now invest their attention in the military arts, beginning with improved Officer Training. This is one of the few areas of knowledge where we need to catch up with our continental brothers. The Academy continues to operate on a reduced budget.

This month also marks the construction of an enormous new railway system. The effort has consumed vast raw material stockpiles and the attention of a huge percentage of our workforce; but I am confident it will pay dividends in the future. Speedy transportation will increase our monthly raw materials yield and expand production across the board.

Research Complete: Peaceful Annexation
New Research Topic: Officer Training
Research Cash Withdrawal: 58 GOLD
Peace with Denmark for 550 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 675 Raw Materials for 550 GOLD
RAILWAY QUEST COMPLETED: Saw Mills in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, and Norway
Wellington boards HMS Leviathan in Norwegian Sea

June 1790:

A slow month. The Academy has developed new Officer Training techniques and moved on to Basic Infantry improvements. I have expanded their budget to assist them. The British navy has begun the long trip back to the Channel ports. I have ordered the construction of a Trade Branch in Ile De France. This should provide us with some reliable income in the future.

Research Complete: Officer Training
New Research Topic: Basic Infantry
British Navy sails to North Sea with Wellington in tow
Building Contruction Begins: Trade Branch in Ile De France

July 1790:

The Dutch remain complacent and negotiations to end this war quickly have begun. The crown has no interest in extended conflict and lacks the will to devote the resources necessary to pursue a quick conclusion. Our alliance has collapsed and the crown lacks the funds or the will to extend it for another year. I wished the ambassadors for our former friends the best of luck as they left for home. I hope the foriegn situation improves soon, I feel we are becoming increasingly isolated diplomatically.

British Navy sails to English Channel
Defensive Alliance Expires: Relations too bad to afford renewal

August 1790:

PEACE WITH BATAVIA! While I question the wisdom of paying for a peace treaty to a nation with no potential to threaten our nation as they lack a fleet or land route to Norway. However, the stipulation that funds paid for peace would be used solely on English imports proved to lessen the true cost of the treaty.

Our new primary schools in England were completed and research has expanded greatly. We have completed our research on Basic Infantry and our efforts are now directed towards Basic Cavalry. A military academy has been placed under construction in England to help train these new troops.

Primary School Completed in England
New Research Point Generation: 1140
Research Complete: Basic Infantry
New Research Topic: Basic Cavalry
Building Contruction Begins: Military Academy in England
Peace with Batavia: 550 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Batavia: 475 Raw Materials for 550 GOLD

September 1790:

Another slow month. The military academy has been completed and work has begun on a new infantry training programme.

Military Academy Completed in England
Building Contruction Begins: Basic Barracks in England

October 1790:

The new infantry training programme has been constructed along with the Trade Branch in Ile De France. New funds are flowing in from the continent now. I have recieved the order from above to re-organize the military. A new regiment of Line Infantry was placed in training and I have ordered Wellington to unload in Kent and return to London to homogenize his division with the new recruits. I plan placing a full division of light infantry under Captain Barnard. Of course, they will need to be trained first.

Bad news from the Continent. France has declared war on Hannover. Their allies in Prussia and Saxony have joined the war as well, but I doubt they will be much use. French units have begun moving into Champagne in preparation for an attack.

Basic Barracks Completed in England
Trade Branch Completed in Ile De France
Line Infantry Recruiting
Wellington returns to England
France declares war on Hannover, Prussia and Saxony Join War
Research Cash Withdrawal: 369 GOLD

November 1790:

Our research into Basic Cavalry is complete. I have ordered a new focus on Artillery Industry. The new regiment of Line Infantry has been transferred to Wellington; who has been ordered back onto the HMS Leviathan. Barnard and Wellington's newly released Light Infantry regiment have been ordered to the barracks at the Military Academy in London to conserve food. A new regiment of Light Infantry has been placed into training.

Research Complete: Basic Cavalry
New Research Topic: Artillery Industry
Line Infantry Completed in England
Light Infantry Recruiting in England
Wellington now commands 3 line infantry regiments / loaded on Leviathan
Barnard and Light Infantry Regiment confined to Barracks

December 1790:

BETRAYAL! Denmark declares war AGAIN! Newspapers are awash with anti-Danish diatribes. The diplomatic corps were only able to avert an invasion of Norway and attain peace by bribing several key Danish authorities with lucrative Raw Materials contracts. This act of extortion is below even Danish standards of decency. Indeed, the world appears to be unravelling quickly. Helvetia has declared war on France in support of Hannover and Portugal has declared war on Spain. On a different note, I have ordered the construction of a new stables in London to train cavalry for our army.

Denmark Declares War again
Denmark bribed with 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty = 525 Raw Materials for 575 GOLD
Building Contruction Begins: Basic Stables in England
Helvetia declares war on France
Portugal declares war on Spain


1791: A Time of Backstabbing

January 1791:

A fundamental shift in Western Europe is occuring. Our enemies are destroying themselves and the time to march against them grows closer every day. The new regiment of light infantry has completed their training. I have ordered them and the Norwegian veterans under the command of Barnard and onto the Temeraire. Wellington and the Leviathan have been ordered back to the Bay of Biscay to observe the French coastline. A new regiment of light infantry has entered training. When Barnard returns from France, he will be able to pick them up.

On the continent, France has invaded Helvetia. Reports of bloodshed and pillaging mount. The time for war with France approaches, but has not yet arrived. In Iberia, the Portugese and Spanish armies decimate each other on the plains of Andalusia. Both sides suffer horrific losses. A single regiment of quarter-strength Portugese militia is the only remaining military force in all of Iberia.

Iberia is lain low, France is defenseless. We are only delayed by Barnard.

Light Infantry Completed in England
Light Infantry Recruiting in England
France invades Helvetia
Portugal invades Andalusia and crushes Spanish army in Pyrric Victory
The only army in Iberia is now 12 militia strong
Wellington / Leviathan sails to Bay of Biscay
Barnard and 2 light infantry regiments board Temeraire

February 1791:

France's last division has moved into Champagne to support their main army invading Helvetia. Paris is defended by a paltry few recruits in their military academy. The time for war has arrived. At the king's behest, I send a declaration of war to France. Barnard and the Temeraire are ordered into the Bay of Biscay in preparation for invasion next month alongside Wellington. They should land unopposed.

France moves last army away from Paris to Champagne, damaged militia retreat from Helvetia into Champagne
England declares war on France/Piedmont/Spain
Temeraire to Bay of Biscay
Research Cash Withdrawal: 478 GOLD

March 1791:

Wellington and Barnard invade Brittany. Stepping off the Leviathan, Wellington quips, "I suppose I shall never find an enemy brave enough to show his face to me". Barnard responds with a sharp "At least I am no longer tasked with protecting London from phantoms and vagabonds." Our spies observe the French army streaming out of Helvetia in defense of France. It is damaged from its ordeal, but remains dangerous. Peace negotiations begin.

The new stables complex in England is completed along with our research into Artillery Industry. I have ordered our workers to build a new Basic Foundry so we can begin building some cannons. The Royal Academy has begun research on improving our Navy Infrastructure. To face what threat, I am unsure. But I am confident it is a worthy goal in the long-term. Barnard's newly trained regiment of Light Infantry awaits his return.

Basic Stables Completed in England
Research Complete: Artillery Industry
New Research Topic: Navy Infrastructure
France withdraws all armies from Helvetia; Damaged but dangerous
Wellington/Barnard land in Brittany
Light Infantry Completed in England
Building Contruction Begins: Basic Foundry

April 1791:

PEACE WITH FRANCE! France has ceded Brittany to us so they may direct their attentions back towards Helvetia. Wellington responds, "Am I really so fearsome that my enemies flee from the sound of my footsteps?". Barnard answers, "Cherish these moments while they last, for you will one day be forced to return to London." Wellington retorts, "NEVER!" The peace with France is costly, but once again shrewd English diplomats secure the requirement that all funds be used to purchase British goods. British manufacturers are swamped with French orders for raw materials.

The peace with France has not ended hostilities with Spain or Piedmont, though the later is unlikely to pose a danger. Although Spain is quite a tasty prize, without a single regiment to defend herself, it is likely that a British invasion would spark peasant uprisings and cause undue duress. In any event, any invasion would require a landing in Galicia and such an expedition will take time to assemble. Wellington and Barnard are ordered back onto their ships to return to England and pick up Barnard's final regiment of Light Infantry.

French armies move into Ile De France and Aquitaine; Brittany is threatened
Peace with France: 1000 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with France: 1200 Raw Materials for 1000 gold
Wellington and Barnard back onto Fleet

May 1791:

The king granted me a marvelous vacation in Norway this month. A truly beautify country, Norway is. I have heard reports that the British fleet has returned to the Channel trimphant. A shame I could not be there.

British fleet back to Channel

June 1791:

A slow month following my return from vacation. The foundries are finally complete, though we lack the funds to construct artillery at this time. Barnard returned to London to retrieve his last regiment of Light Infantry.

Basic Foundries completed in England
Barnard unloads in England to pick up 3rd Regiment of Light Infantry

July 1791:

DENMARK DECLARES WAR! AGAIN! A third time in just two years. I had hoped the King would not succumb to this extortion again, but he paid the bribe requested by the Danish. I do wish this would end. Barnard completed his paperwork and acquired his new regiment. He then beat a hasty departure from the city, presumably fearing confinement to his barracks would ensue.

Barnard picks up Regiment and re-boards fleet
Research Cash Withdrawal: 396 GOLD
Denmark declares war on England
Peace with Denmark for 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 500 GOLD

August 1791:

A slow time in London. The Academy completed research on Navy Infrastructure and moved on to Harbor Infrastructure.

Research Complete: Navy Infrastructure
New Research Topic: Harbor Infrastructure
Ruler of the Seas on hold for population cost

September 1791:

A GLORIOUS MONTH! The British Navy has expanded several times over thanks to a vast investment by the crown! Military grade harbor complexes were built in Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, and Brittany. I have divided our seven ship navy into three squadrons. The first shall be tasked with keeping the North Sea clear of threats. This North Sea Fleet shall consist of the HMS Conqueror and HMS Africa. The second shall be tasked with keeping the Channel clear of threats. This Channel Patrol Fleet will consist of the HMS Agamemnon and HMS Brittania. The third shall be tasked with carrying and protecting the British Army. This Amphibious Assault Squadron shall consist of the HMS Leviathan, HMS Temeraire, and the HMS Victory. This last squadron was ordered to take position of the coast of Brittany, seek repairs in its new port facilities, and deploy Wellington and Barnard into Brittany for manuevers.

Research Cash Withdrawal: 396 GOLD
RULER OF THE SEAS QUEST COMPLETED: Military Harbors and a Sloop built in Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, and Brittany.
Amphibious Assault Squadron (Victory, Temeraire, and Leviathan) sent to Brittany for repairs and unloading

October 1791:

A slow month. Research on Harbor Infrastructure was completed and new Market Reforms pursued. The Temeraire and Leviathan were finally repaired and Wellington and Barnard engaged in war games in Brittany all month. As we lack officers in Britain to assume command of any new regiments, I have ordered the officer training corps to send me their best man. I am told he will
take two months to arrive from Norway where he is training.

Research Complete: Harbor Infrastructure
New Research Topic: Market Reform
Temeraire and Leviathan repaired in Brittany
Wellington and Barnard unload in Brittany
Captain Recruiting in England

November 1791:

DRATS! France has annexed the Helvetian Republic by force. It is a dark day for Europe. Perhaps this will lead the French to overstep their bounds......

France mil-annexes Helvetia

December 1791:

France has made a fool of herself once more. She sent a large army into Hannover and it succeeded in defeating the Hannoverian army in the field. However, the garrison regiments in Hannover itself managed to repel the remnants of the invasion army and slaughter them as the attempted to flee in panic. Hannover remains free.

The new commander, Captain Picton, has arrived from Norway. He shall assume command of any future regiments.

France invades Hannover, wins battle, loses to garrison, Hannover remains free
Captain Picton completed in England


1792: Onward, To Victory!

January 1792:

WAR DECLARED ON FRANCE, BATAVIA, LOMBARDY, AND SAVOY! The French Army cowers in Paris. We shall thrust south into Aquitaine. Then it is onward to SPAIN! We have not yet made peace with these cowards! I have decided to deliver this declaration of war myself. I want to see the look on Louis' face when I deliver it. I gave me Secretary orders to begin the training for a new regiment of Lancers. I hope they will be completed when I return for Paris.

I set sail tonight!

Research Cash Withdrawal: 478 GOLD
Lancers Recruiting in England
England declares war on France/Savoy/Lombardy/Batavia





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1792: Onward, To Victory!

January 1792:

WAR DECLARED ON FRANCE, BATAVIA, LOMBARDY, AND SAVOY! The French Army cowers in Paris. We shall thrust south into Aquitaine. Then it is onward to SPAIN! We have no yet made peace with these cowards! I have decided to deliver this declaration of war myself. I want to see the look on Louis' face when I deliver it. I gave me Secretary orders to begin the training for a new regiment of Lancers. I hope they will be completed when I return for Paris.

I set sail tonight!

Research Cash Withdrawal: 478 GOLD
Lancers Recruiting in England

February 1792:

The look on Louis' face when I told him that he was at war with us again was priceless. He is such a coward. I took a carriage out of Paris to Orleans and then into Brittany. I crossed the border and inspected our army as it prepared for war. Wellington's men had improved our defenses in Brittany and settled down to defend it. Barnard, however, was pleased to be going on the offensive and his men were practicing town assaults in Southern Brittany. As I left for London, Barnard crossed the border.

Upon my return to London, I learned that the Danes had declared war upon Britain in support of France. Before I could even counsel him against it, the King payed the Danes a modest sum to avert war. THIS EXTORTION MUST STOP! One day, I will relish the total decimation of Denmark and the recovery of these funds! On the bright side, the Academy completed their research into Market Reform and have moved on to Journalism. I had planned to immediately begin construction on an Office of Internal Trade Management, but I dont want to lock down our treasury reserves as we head into war.

Denmark DOW England
Research Complete: Market Reform
New Research Topic: Journalism
Barnard into Aquitaine
Peace with Denmark for 530 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 650 Raw Materials for 550 GOLD

March 1792:

Portugal has finally made peace with Spain, annexing Andalusia. This bodes well for our future plans for that decrepit country. Barnard has seizing control of Aquitaine and France has accepted peace; albiet for a hefty payment from the British Treasury to cease hostilities. However, within days of the treaty, British manufacturers were recieving a flood of French orders for Raw Materials. With peace secured, I have ordered Barnard into Catalonia to secure it for annexation. Wellington has moved south into Aquitaine now that the possibility of French invasion is negated.

A new regiment of Lancers is complete in England. When I activate Captain Picton, it will be at the head of a cavalry division. With peace secure, I can also safely allocate funds to the construction of a Department of Trade in London. I have ordered a second regiment of Lancers into training.

Portugal makes peace with Spain; annexes Andalusia
Peace with France: 1300 GOLD: Annexation of Aquitaine
Commerical Treaty with France: 1000 Raw Materials for 1400 GOLD
Wellington to Aquitaine
Barnard to Catalonia
Lancers complete in England
Lancers Recruiting in England
Construction Begins on Department of Trade in England

April 1792:

A very slow month in London. I wish the King would send me on vacation again. Maybe after we have captured Catalonia, I can take a siesta to the Costa del Sol! My only important act the whole month was to give Wellington the confirmation to enter Aragon. How boring!

Wellington to Aragon

May 1792:

With Aragon and Catalonia under our control, Spain had little choice but to accept a gentle peace. I have ordered Wellington and Barnard back into Aquitaine now and given a long-term order to return to England. Wellington will finally get his wish to invade Batavia. The second regiment of Lancers is finished. When we can spare the funds, I shall begin training a third.

Peace with Spain: 560 GOLD: Catalonia and Aragon annexed
Commercial Treaty with Spain: 425 Raw Materials for 600 GOLD
Wellington and Barnard to Aquitaine
Lancers Complete in England

June 1792:

The Department of Trade is complete and we are rolling in money from internal commerce. It is a glorious day! The Academy has established Journalistic standards and moved on to improved espionage techniques. Wellington and Barnard have finally returned to Brittany. Next month they can board the Amphibious Assault Squadron and return to the Channel to pick up Picton and sail on Batavia. On a different note, France has made peace with Hannover.

Department of Trade Completed
Research Complete: Journalism
New Research Topic: Secret Service
Wellington and Barnard to Brittany
France makes peace with Hannover

July 1792:

Wellington and Barnard have boarded ships in the Bay of Biscay. Soon they will sail for home. I have ordered a third regiment of Lancers into training. They should be ready by the time Wellington and Barnard return.

Wellington and Barnard on Amphi Squadron
Lancers Recruiting in England

August 1792:

A slow month. Wellington and Barnard sail for the Channel. I am forced to attend many plays at the theater with my wife because of all my extra free time this month. What a chore!

Amphi Squadron to Channel

September 1792:

Denmark has declared war AGAIN. This is ridiculous. The King really should stop paying them off and send our army to crush them. Picton's third regiment of Lancers is finished. I have ordered his entire division onto the HMS Victory in the Amphibious Assault Squadron.

Denmark declares war
Peace with Denmark: 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 575 GOLD
Lancers Complete in England
Picton and 3 Lancers onto HMS Victory

October 1792:

I have entrusted this expedition to Captain Wellington. He is of noble blood and should make a fine commander. He has been given provisional command over the Amphibious Assault Squadron and the entire British Army. As he sets sail for the Wadden Sea to invade Batavia, I have decided to take a little vacation to the Costa Del Sol in Catalonia. Should Wellington fail and the King demand a reckoning, I may be able to flee into Spain or France.

Amphi to Wadden Sea

November 1792:

The Mediterranian is even more beautiful than I dreamed. I have written several letters to my subordinates in London with instructions on daily duties. I sent a special letter ordering the training of another Line Infantry regiment. We can use it to replace any casualties we suffer in Batavia.

I have also recieved disturbing dispactches from Portugese Andalusia reporting the landing of an entire division of French soldiers under a Capitaine Murat. This does not bode well. Hopefully, the Portugese can repulse this invasion. On the positive side, this does eliminate one division of French soldiers from any potential war in France.

Invasion of Batavia with entire army
Line Infantry Recruiting
French Division under Murat lands in Andalusia to attack Portugal; 3 infantry units

December 1792:

VICTORY! Wellington emerges victorious. Our losses are meager. Only three infantry and a single regiment of cavalry were lost. A small price to pay for possession of Batavia. I can only hope the annexation goes smoothly.

I returned to London on the first ship I could find. Reports from the continent indicate some kind of Agrarian Revolution is occuring in Prussia. Interesting! The Academy has completed its lengthy investigation of espionage and provided us with a plan for the development of our own intelligence service. I immediately ordered construction on a Department of Information and the Academy to pursue a study of Tactical Manuevers.

A regiment of Line Infantry is finished in England. I have ordered a Light Infantry unit into training. These units, along with two more cavalry units in the future will provide a reserve to replace battle losses.

Almost One Regiment of Lancers Lost
Prussia completes Agrarian Revolution
Research Complete: Secret Service
New Research Topic: Tactical Manuevers
27% Annexation on Batavia
Line Infantry Complete in England
Light Infantry Recruiting
Construction Begins: Department of Information


3rd Jun 2005, 01:51
The Battle of Batavia



It was a soggy day in the Netherlands. What did you expect? The British army sighted the Batavian militia near the town of Waterloo. Wellington ordered us to take up positions near an old farmhouse at the top of a slight rise. This is the Netherlands, so it really was a SLIGHT rise. But a rise it was and it would prove very useful this day. The cavalry took up positions on the northeastern flank.


However, the incompetent Batavia commander divided his forces; sending two regiments in one direction and another in a second direction. Wellington ordered Picton's cavalry division into action. They trapped the Batavian regiment in a courtyard and slaughtered them to the man.



Picton's division returned to the farmhouse and took up position behind the infantry. The Batavian commander abandoned his defensive posture and decided to attack. It was a foolish mistake. As they approached, the infantry opened fire and began decimating them. Only two militia made it to the farmhouse. They struggled inside, killing two light infantry before expiring. Records indicate the loss of a single line infantry soldier, cause of death unknown.



After the battle, a lone regiment of lancers was sighted approaching the British lines. No reports exist of the encounter, but it is rumored they were decimated by several volleys of infantry fire before being trampled by a cavalry charge.


3rd Jun 2005, 01:52
Damn screenie/per post limit! :)

I included a copy of the last entry in the first posting to create continuity. That is why there are two identical descriptions of January 1792.

(type name here)
3rd Jun 2005, 01:54
Whoa! This is cool!

3rd Jun 2005, 01:55
Thanks dude

(type name here)
3rd Jun 2005, 01:58
How did you take all those screenshots?

3rd Jun 2005, 02:23
I use print screen.

I pause the game if in a battle.
Hit the Print Screen button
Alt-Tab out to desktop
Open Paint
Edit -> Paste or Cntrl-V
Then save as XXXX.jpg

Then I edit them in Photoshop to crop/add text/etc.

Gelatinous Cube
3rd Jun 2005, 02:43
Very well done. I think i'll have to do one of these when I finish my current Campaign.

3rd Jun 2005, 03:09
I am nearing the time to pick an Era 2 government. I shall leave the decision to the masses!


I am nearly finished playing a "section" for the AAR. Tommorow night I will write up the AAR. If I finish in time, I will start playing again. I need to know what to pick, so you basically have 20-24 hours to vote.

Gelatinous Cube
3rd Jun 2005, 04:08
Democracy will make for more political intrigue--as you need to keep on everyone's goodside; while Autocracy will make for more battles--and everyone loves battles. Choose depending on what kind of AAR you like, IMO.

3rd Jun 2005, 04:19
Everyone hates me, so I dunno if democracy will help much. I ended the last section of the AAR one-turn before annexing Spain. (the section I will be posting tommorow) Batavia is down already. Portugal and Denmark are not long for this world..... :)

It will make troop management harder, as I wont get that healing tech, but I may have nearly conquered Europe by the time I actually get that tech so it may not matter.

3rd Jun 2005, 13:19
BTW: Does anyone actually have a question for me? Why am I doing X? Why not do Y? Stuff like that.

I am happy to discuss strategy. :cool:

3rd Jun 2005, 13:41
With the prediction that most of Europe will be within your grasp soon enough, why bother with researching Democracy to create an economy based on trade. The rattle of the drums of war will echo throughout Britain and your armies will march to glory.

I vote for Autocracy.

5/77 Armd
3rd Jun 2005, 13:48
Long live the dictator! Autocracy!!!

3rd Jun 2005, 13:53
You know, this forum is a great way to kill time during work.

So that is 2 votes for Autocracy...... the tide of evil is rising!

3rd Jun 2005, 14:41
For some reason, the images in the second post are not showing up for me here at work. Anyone else having that problem? I can see the image in the very first post, not the second, but in the fifth and sixth post the images show up fine. Hrm.... that is odd.

5/77 Armd
3rd Jun 2005, 15:40
I'm also at work, so I can periodically waste time and check out the IG and Cossacks II forums!

edit: the images at the bottom? I can see them.

3rd Jun 2005, 15:49
Hrm, they appear now that I have returned. Odd..... Perhaps imageshack.us did some kind of server update.

3rd Jun 2005, 16:26
You seem to have no problem going to war with France, but you constantly buy peace with Denmark. Why? It seems obvious that you can crush them at your whim. Why let them survive and create a coalition against you?

5/77 Armd
3rd Jun 2005, 16:36
My guess is that he has had to divert all available resources to the other war, however I would say the same thing. I think Ryoken should take care of the Danish as soon as possible, before going to war with Portugal. The Danes continually declaring war and having to buy them off would annoy the crap out of me.

3rd Jun 2005, 17:16
The Danes can be bought for a mere 575 gold which translates into approximately 700 raw materials after I use Commercial Treaty to recycle the gold. France costs about 1200 gold, give or take. Portugal, I dont know yet.

Denmark has 5 regiments of militia, however. They also have only one province; their capital. So to defeat them, I would have to crush their 5 militia and then siege Denmark. If I take more than a few casualties, it may take too long to annex and I may have to fight a revolter army.

Meanwhile, thanks to a fortuitous bloodbath, Portugal has 2 1/2-strength cavalry regiments and Spain had one full strength one. These can be engaged with MINIMAL casualties. Thus allowing for immediate and un-reinforced annexation.

Dont worry though, I am building up a nice little reserve army for just such occasions...........

Note for the first paragraph, with respect to the raw materials cost, how many raw materials are sitting in my reserve stock.

And how I have only fought France when I have been able to maneuver into annexing a province without a battle. Should they threaten Batavia in the future, I would buy them off just to save the hassle. Though France appears to be very cowardly in this game for some reason.

3rd Jun 2005, 18:22
You seem to have no problem using the commercial treaty at your disposal. I have problems using it sometimes as the country will not accept it, even if Im generous.

I would try and trade 6000 resources for a mere 100-200 gold and the countries would still refuse. Is that because its too outrageous or that they just dont need the resources?

3rd Jun 2005, 18:37
Maybe they cannot afford to buy it? Even for 100 gold? I think the AI may actually escrow resources..... kinda like in Age of Empires II, if anyone has ever coded an AI file for that game.

3rd Jun 2005, 22:33
Awesome AAR! Very entertaining and insightful.

3rd Jun 2005, 22:36

I am home from work now. Going to start on the next AAR piece. I got some nice screenies of my cavalry massacre in Castile. :)

4th Jun 2005, 02:09
1793: The End of an Era

January 1793:

Batavian occupation continues. Wellington reports strong progress in assimilation. Scottish fishermen report sighting a Russian sloop in the North Sea. The North Sea Squadron confirms this within days. Disturbing reports of Russian atrocities in Sweden have begun to filter into border villages along the Norwegian/Swedish border.

Annexation 55% complete
Russian navy sighted in North Sea

February 1793:

The annexation of Batavia is nearly complete. I have received reports from the Netherlands that the office of the Stadholder has been completed destroyed and replaced with an English system of provincial governance. A regiment of light infantry has been trained in England. I have ordered a new regiment of Lancers into training. Things are progressing well. When Wellington returns to England with his army, he will be able to replenish his losses completely.

Annexation 83% complete
Light Infantry complete in England
Lancers Recruiting

March 1793:

SPAIN DECLARES WAR! The fools! They have a single regiment of cavalry at their command and they believe they can defeat us? Perhaps they believe we will pay them off like we have the Danish. They are wrong. Wellington has completed the annexation of Batavia and his army has begun boarding ships to return home. The annexation of Batavia has brought in great new sources of wealth, a healthy population to fight for our cause, and new scientists for the Royal Academy. Things are looking up!

Spain declares war
Batavia annexed: 2964 GOLD, 1185 FOOD, 441 RAW, 1626 POP
New Research Points Per Turn: 1365
Army onto Fleet

April 1793:

DENMARK DECLARES WAR! And once again, my king pays their ransom. I have wasted enough time questioning this policy, perhaps it is for the best. With Denmark pacified through bribery, Wellington is free to bring terror to our enemies elsewhere.

It is an exciting time in London. The world is ablaze with news. Newspapers report that the Portugese army trapped the French invasion force in Grenada and destroyed it. This has cost the Portugese dearly. Perhaps Wellington can pay a visit to Lisbon once the Spanish are dealt with. In the frozen north, Russia has annexed the nation of Sweden by force. This brings the Russian bear to our doorstep. Russian diplomats stress that Russia does not want war with Britain, but who can be sure?

Spain has sent their tiny army to occupy Catalonia. One wonders if they shall stay there once Wellington begins his march on Madrid. When he does, he will have access to the best military intelligence in the world. Our secret service has been expanded by the construction of a new Department of Information in London.

Wellington's fleet has entered the Channel. The new Lancers are finished training. When Wellington arrives, he can resupply and reorganize before setting sail for Spain. I have ordered another unit of Lancers into training as well. I have a sense they will play a pivotal role in Iberia and replacements will be needed.

Portugal defeats French army in Andalusia
Russia mil-annexes Sweden
Spain invades Catalonia with one regiment of cavalry
Denmark declares war
Department of Information finished
Fleet to Channel
Peace with Denmark: 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 575 gold
Lancers complete
Lancers recruiting

May 1793:

A slow month of preparation. Wellington has landed in Kent and his army is filtering up into the Midlands. Our resource stockpiles continue to grow prodigiously. I wonder what the king is keeping these vast reserves for?

Unload army in England

June 1793:

Wellingtons army has been replenished and begun re-boarding the Amphibious Assault Squadron. He will be in Spain in just a few months! With a growing reserve of troops at home and no available commanders of worth, I have ordered the military academies to send me their best students for review.

Replenish Army
Army onto Fleet
Lancers complete
Captain recruiting
Research Cash Withdrawal: 606 GOLD

July 1793:

Wellington's fleet has disappeared into the North Atlantic Ocean. Soon he will sail south to Cape Finisterre. The Royal Academy has finished a comprehensive study of improved Tactical Maneuvers. I have ordered this new knowledge to be used in the contruction of advanced Training Camps in England. The Royal Academy has begun the pursuit of a new form of government. Philsophy, law, religion, and the role of the nation as a whole are being questioned. These are exciting times.

Research Complete: Tactical Manuevers
New Research Topic: Advance Era
Fleet into North Atlantic Ocean
Begin Building Construction: Training Camps in England

August 1793:

Wellington reports he is closing the distance to the Spanish coastline and will land within a month. The military academies have sent me a new officer; Captain Moore. I anticipate expansion of the army soon, so I have asked for a second officer as well. They tell me it will take another two months to review their cadets.

Captain Moore completed
Captain Recruiting
Fleet to Finisterre

September 1793:

Wellington has landed at La Coruna and marches on Madrid. The Spanish army has withdrawn from Catalonia to defend their capital; hostilities are imminent!

Spanish troops withdraw to Castile after seeing French Fleet approaching
Army to Castile

October 1793:

VICTORY IN MADRID! Suffering minor losses, Wellington has crushed the opposition and has begun installing a new government in Madrid. His only complaint, report Spanish newspapers, is the heat. The new officer I requested has finally arrived; Captain Fraser. I have ordered a new regiment of Lancers into training. Perhaps I shall send one of these gallant new officers to bring reinforcements to Wellington......

Victory: Lost 1/2 cavalry regiment
Annexation 30% complete
Captain Fraser completed
Lancers recruiting

November 1793:

DENMARK DECLARES WAR! AGAIN! This is getting very annoying. They are, of course, immediately paid their stipend by the King. Central Europe is thrown into chaos as Russia annexes Poland by force and now possesses Bohemia as well. I hope Austria can regain some of her territory and restore some of her former glory, but I fear the Russian juggernaut may eventually bring conflict to British lands instead. We must plan for such contingencies!

The new Training Camps are complete. In recognition of their excellent service, all four of our officers have been promoted to Colonel. Wellington reports from Madrid that annexation is going well. He has set up his headquarters in the Escorial and disbanded the Cortez. It is only a matter of time before Spain has bowed before our might!

On a different note, I have ordered the construction of a Merchant harbor in England. I have a feeling this building is unnecessary since most of our trade is between the six wharfs in our possession and not with foreign merchants. But alas, I must give the construction crews something to do with all these surplus resources! HAHAHAHA!

Russia mil-annexes Poland
Denmark declares war
Training Camps complete; promotion of all Captains to Colonels
Annexation 60% complete
Peace with Denmark: 575 GOLD
Commercial Treaty with Denmark: 700 Raw Materials for 575 GOLD
Begin Construction: Merchant Harbor (final era 1 building in England)

December 1793:

A fresh unit of Lancers has completed their training in England. I have placed them, the other full strength lancer regiment, the slightly under-strength Line Infantry regiment, and the slightly under-strength Light Infantry regiment under the command of Colonel Fraser and ordered them onto the HMS Brittania with orders to sail for Spain and replenish Colonel Picton's losses. I have also ordered a Line Infantry regiment into production in case of unforeseen events.

Wellington reports only a few loose ends need to be tied up before the annexation of Spain is complete.

Lancers complete in England
Colonel Fraser, a Line Infantry, a Light Infantry and 2 lancer regiments board the Brittania in the Channel
Annexation 90% complete
Line Infantry Recruiting



The Battle of Salamanca

Salamanca; a short and decisive battle. The Spanish Lancers entered the field of battle with dignity. They left in pieces.



As they approached the British lines, Wellington ordered the cavalry forward on the right flank. The Spanish leaned towards the undefended left flank. Alas, they were too slow.



The British cavalry caught the rear of the Spanish force just as the British infantry opened fire, cutting down the front ranks of the enemy. A second volley decimated the remaining cavalry and the British carried the day with ease!


4th Jun 2005, 02:12
I regret the Spanish did not put up a gallant fight. I had hoped for more. Oh well.

It looks like the votes have come in for Autocracy. I shall enjoy this glorious development! TO THE BATTLEFIELD! :)

4th Jun 2005, 17:10
I am going to do 2 full years in my next post. I am playing at the beginning of the second year now. Preparing to finally invade Denmark. All of Iberia is mine now, the time of reckoning for Denmark has arrived!

Death to the Danish Menace!

6th Jun 2005, 22:01
I have moved my AAR to a forum with more.... community feeling. If you are interested, check it out HERE (http://imperiumromanorum.com/fora/index.php?showtopic=5489).

8th Jun 2005, 12:07
OMG! You all have AARs. Awesome!

14th Jul 2005, 18:02
This is a bump. :D

The forum link at the end of this AAR is getting a lot of traffic, since apparently people are enjoying this AAR. Since I am not posting here, however, the thread gets dropped.

So have a nice day.


Yeah, that forum I put it up on is a huge gamer mecca.


IG is more popular now, might get some new readers.

3rd Aug 2005, 22:11
Dude THIS IS AMAZING i love the way you do it as if you are living the times not just displaying it in gamer-talk :D

Im so gonna do this when I get my game up and running hopefully in a month!
One thing though is you have all these captains/colonels yet the empire is undefended :eek: russia*speaking from the end of this forum AAR*could storm through Norway easily while catalunya was annexed by Spain. Though im speaking from an un-experianced viewpoint but il put my theory to the test dear reporter as I shall ride once more unto the breach dear friends ;) :thumbsup:

p.s what do you mean the tide of evil is rising :eek: *in response to the autocracy vote* monarchs rule by blood-right there is nothing good in a republic!

4th Aug 2005, 02:01
Dude THIS IS AMAZING i love the way you do it as if you are living the times not just displaying it in gamer-talk :D

Im so gonna do this when I get my game up and running hopefully in a month!
One thing though is you have all these captains/colonels yet the empire is undefended :eek: russia*speaking from the end of this forum AAR*could storm through Norway easily while catalunya was annexed by Spain. Though im speaking from an un-experianced viewpoint but il put my theory to the test dear reporter as I shall ride once more unto the breach dear friends ;) :thumbsup:

p.s what do you mean the tide of evil is rising :eek: *in response to the autocracy vote* monarchs rule by blood-right there is nothing good in a republic!
awesome, eh! :D

4th Aug 2005, 12:02
hey when i go onto the new site I click on the page 2 button but nothing happens bar lots of clicking noises and a blank screen :eek:

Please dont tell me im missing some more of this brilliant story :eek: :(
Or is it not part of the thread?If it is could someone get me a link that works?


Kudos to Ryoken :thumbsup:

4th Aug 2005, 20:51
Dude but really I need a link that works!
Im dying to know what happens here!I have no IG and I need a story fix :eek: <---its me feed......the.....addiction........must.....feed

5th Aug 2005, 10:39
i can see u ar suffering, pal. but sorry....i dont think much ppl can help u (the lack of support in IG is killin' me too even though i am a veteran? :D ) but u noe wat...........i was also clicking on the 2nd page like last month just as u ........and everything exactly happened as u said!!!!! im suspecting its a virus! but i didn't post my problem because i was too lazy to type :D

5th Aug 2005, 11:15
lol we all suffer........*sigh* :(

but to be honest level of support from the mods has been GREAT! :thumbsup: :D

they even found a new driver for me to download, its like there trynna plug the gaping hole where players are leaving through left by pyro's lack of support/lazy arse holeness

p.s can anyone get hold of ryoken and tell him to post here? :thumbsup:

5th Aug 2005, 18:04
The website it was originally posted on was re-organized, thus breaking the link.

In any event, I have moved all my AARs onto my own personal website for safekeeping. I got permanently banned on Paradox Interactive's forums for various bogus reasons; decided to move all my stuff into one place that I have control over.

HERE (http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-ryoken666) is my website.

5th Aug 2005, 20:34
Your AAR seemed to follow less of a story line in the latter years, too much time and effort? I tried my own, didnt get very far either. Work got in the way. And pictures are worth a thousand words. Its hard to describe battles without the aid of pics. That means Im too lazy to post them to the net.

As a side note, I dont think there is any public property left for real public free speech. Its owned by the corportation or by the govt whether its city, state or federal but I do agree with your views.

Gelatinous Cube
6th Aug 2005, 00:16
The website it was originally posted on was re-organized, thus breaking the link.

In any event, I have moved all my AARs onto my own personal website for safekeeping. I got permanently banned on Paradox Interactive's forums for various bogus reasons; decided to move all my stuff into one place that I have control over.

HERE (http://home.bellsouth.net/p/PWP-ryoken666) is my website.

Haha, lemme guess: You said something about Swasticas in your AAR?

6th Aug 2005, 12:15
No, mundane reasons actually.

I was an active forum member for 4 years and they track every warning they give every member; so after 4 years just the accumulation of petty warnings (getting a little too angry in a post, for example) had reached a point where every time I said anything a little borderline I would be threatened with permanent ban. Eventually, I got sick of it and tried to re-register as a new identity. But they caught wind of it and banned both identities.

I am not a Nazi, they are :D Hence the replacement of the Swastika with the Paradox fossil.

6th Aug 2005, 12:18
Your AAR seemed to follow less of a story line in the latter years, too much time and effort? I tried my own, didnt get very far either. Work got in the way. And pictures are worth a thousand words. Its hard to describe battles without the aid of pics. That means Im too lazy to post them to the net.

All AARs die. Not all AARs REALLY live. :D

7th Aug 2005, 11:18
lol yeah I noticed at the end it was devoid of all interest but at the same time I understood :thumbsup:
It must be a drag to make it all for people who your not sure are going to enjoy it,still the early years kept me up reading for a good two hours (checking what each thing was as i cant play the game myself).You've got an authors knack for story telling mate :cool:

7th Aug 2005, 23:39
Thank you. I have a lot of free time :D

12th Aug 2005, 14:30
TEMPLE OF RYOKEN FORUMS (http://s13.invisionfree.com/Temple_of_Ryoken/index.php?act=idx) is now online. It is a new forum specializing in AARs.

23rd Aug 2005, 07:39
first off I would like to ask where you got that picture at the very start of this forum and secondly what is an AAR?

23rd Aug 2005, 16:29
It is a painting of a battle in the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War, iirc. I found it on the internet. If you want similar results, go to www.google.com and click on "images" then use "naval paintings" as your search query. You will be able to look through hundreds of naval paintings.

An AAR is an After Action Report. A player plays a game, as I played Imperial Glory, then writes a RPG-style account of the game, sometimes with screenshots.