View Full Version : How do I tell what countries are allied, etc?

2nd Jun 2005, 13:52
Is there a way to see what coalitions, defensive pacts, etc exist. Not just for my country, but say I am Prussia, how do I tell who Austria is allied with and at War with? I know you can right click on the country to see its sympathy rating, but that only shows the major powers. I want to know if the Ottoman Empire is at war with Moldavia, for example. Or see if France has a coalition with minor players.

2nd Jun 2005, 14:05
If you go the newspaper and select diplomacy.

2nd Jun 2005, 15:24
And you can also go to the statistics map, and then on the right of the screen there is a button of shaking hands. that gives you the diplomacy map. then if you click in any country, you will see who he is allied to. very usefull! :)

4th Jun 2005, 00:38
you can also go to the diplomacy screen. indicated that you want some kind of treaty. when you select a country, whatever coalition it is in will be shown.

spent oodles of time in the stats map, never noticed the hands :(

5th Jun 2005, 00:15
spent oodles of time in the stats map, never noticed the hands :(

It's on the right side of the screen in the group of buttons under the information top bar. I think it is the second or third. It looks like they are the continuation of the buttons on the left side of the screen. It is there! :) (unfortunatelly I don't know how to take a picture from inside the game, nor do I know how to post it here -- sorry)