View Full Version : A few questions to Devs/Mods about the game (not compromising, not provocative)

2nd Jun 2005, 08:20
Dear Developers,

this game fascinates me, i never liked historical strategy like this before since Civilization III. In my opinion, this game based on very good ideas, made by a strong conception (it is an extraordinary worth nowadays), and i enjoy it completely. Although the game has some ambiguous aspect, and some problems, too. I would like to propound my questions to you, developers, i'm waiting for YOUR answers, because i need the must authentic informations, if i may it.

Main Questions:

M1. Can you release a mini-guide, wich has a table containing information on which pictogram symbolizes which government types? It would be useful, because neither the handbook nor the online guide don't explain it, and in the game the pictures have not tooltip.

M2. How works the game level system, what are the TRUE differences between the three difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard)? What are the changes in management and in battle modes?

M3. In the field battles, how does the height-advantage work? I don't see differences between running up or down on a hill, when two armies are going to fight. And i don't see the changes of the "telescope" range on a hill when i press V button.

Bonus Questions: ;)

B1. Can you write some words about this problem: http://forums.eidosgames.com/showthread.php?p=492292#post492292 ? I don't know, this is a bug or not.

B2 So, i'm wondering, how AI manages his troops. One of the most problems, that AI troops often leave them strategy points before attacking. They run down from the hill, come out from captured buildings. In lot of case the AI lose battles for this reason, however he could win if his units stayed at them superior position. But AI does not do this in all of case. Sometimes he can exploit his advantages (stays in building or on the hill etc.). This seems to be independent from the difficulty level.
So, is this a weaknesses of the AI or is it a result of the good strategy calculation? It is not a provocation, i'm very interesting in this, i tried it in more situations to explore the reason, but i didn't find that.

I hope, i will get answers from you, honoured developers. In my opninion, this game is quasi perfect, it needs only more explanation and some improvements.

Thanks in advise,