View Full Version : Soldiers Below Deck?

Razgriz 1
2nd Jun 2005, 03:58
Me and my friends were talking about IG and I ask how come we cant use soldiers that are onboard ship. Then, my friend said that they are hiding below deck waiting for the crew to die, lol. Anyways, yeah, Im wondering why there isnt.

2nd Jun 2005, 10:30
Soldiers were usally carried on transports and escorted by the warships. Even when this was not the case there would be very little room for them to fire. Land cannons were not setup for fire on board ship as they had no recoil jit.

2nd Jun 2005, 15:41
I personaly think that the transported soldiers are added to combat with ships. I capture ships frequently. But not ones that are hauling troops. They always seem to win. No matter how much grape I sweep their decks with. :cool:

11th Jun 2005, 17:29
i weakend a ship nearly npthing on all lits stats then boarded it, but they collided at it sunk.