View Full Version : Other countries

2nd Jun 2005, 02:45
Hi. Is there someway to mod this game so you can play as the other countries?

2nd Jun 2005, 03:12
berdans mod crew are working ry thing and they are almost finished

2nd Jun 2005, 03:14
I have check all the files, including the data.pak file, but I have not find how on earth to unlock the other countries.
Is anyone around have any idea on how to unlock them or where to look ???
I hope eidos/pyros listen all of us, that we want to play also with the other countries, so in the patch to include that option.

Gelatinous Cube
2nd Jun 2005, 03:21
I believe Berdan knew how. He was working on the Spanish the last time I saw him about.

I don't think the game would work correctly, however, with all of the factions unlocked. It's just not that easy. In RTW it was simpler to do so, but RTW was a simple game.