View Full Version : Is IG better than Cossacks2? A comparison

1st Jun 2005, 01:51
Hi Guys,

I have purchased Cossacks2 and it is quite a good game.

Cossacks2 lacks:
True Autofire (canons have autofire and infantry in a limited way)
Friendly fire for infantry (canons have friendly fire)
Can walk through own units easily (unhistorical)
Small maps (this can be modded easily in the map editor)

Apart from this it is a really good game with lots of potential.

I am also considering purchasing Imperial Glory as I am a great fan of Napoleonic Historical Battles. Will I be dissappointed when I compare IG to Cossacks2??

I hear that IG has problems with no morale and improper formations? Also that canons are super accurate.

What I do love is the ship battles, are these really worth their salt in IG, is their wind and that sort of thing?

Cossacks has a lot of stats to watch which I like, does IG have something like this?

1st Jun 2005, 01:55
yes there is wind but COSSACKS blows i couldnt even work the damn demo on my pc and as we say around this forum i have an UBER computer

1st Jun 2005, 01:58
Excellent news on the wind!! This is very encouraging :)

I guess the other thing that bothers is that I also hear their is very limited number of units you can have in Imperial Glory. Equivalent to a skirmish. Is this true? And do the units consist of 120 men or so each?

I guess another question is grouping of formations like in Rome Total War, you know so that the formation will not move out of sync when marching

1st Jun 2005, 02:12
well in the beggining of the battle i line my soldiers up but sometimes whne they march they get outta sync but its not by much and u can use line square and column and its not 120 men per regiemnt its more like 60 men lol and this isnt for whole battle its just 1 unit of soldiers under a banner and cav comes in 36 and art is in 3's but modders have been coding and cracking trying to make up for that by increasing sizes

1st Jun 2005, 02:23
Getting a little out of formation is completely normal in real life so this should be ok as long as the men attempt to stay in formations when you group them together.

Are the modders working on the uniforms? You know how each country is always the same colour uniform no matter what the historical unit looked like?
It would be cool to have the correct coloured uniforms. Cossacks has one advantage here.

Also I understand that ig has british lancers, and british lancers did not appear until after the napoleonic period.

British Grenadiers and guard regiments did not wear the Bearskin hat anymore either. something both IG and Cossacks got wrong.

1st Jun 2005, 03:00
well each country has different colour variations so that comes with real game

Gelatinous Cube
1st Jun 2005, 03:16
They are totally different games. Cossacks II is an RTS of traditional Age of Empires style--alibiet with some amazing improvements--while IG is a Turn-Based Strategy Game with Real Time battles, more akin to a game of Risk.

To strategy fans, I recommend both. I'm gonna be buying Cossacks II next time I'm in the viscinity of Gamestop, at any rate.

1st Jun 2005, 03:48
Cossacks2 campaign mode is not the greatest, it has two one thats linear and one thats got a RTW stye map.

Both are pretty poor shows. However Cossacks2 shines in skirmish mode as long as you learn how to navigate properly around the map. Great fun watching the hundreds of beautiful troops.

Imperial Glory I may have to purchase too I think despite its problems? Still on the fence with this one.

Can you play IG campaign multiplayer????? This would make it well worth it

Gelatinous Cube
1st Jun 2005, 04:35
Cossacks2 campaign mode is not the greatest, it has two one thats linear and one thats got a RTW stye map.

Both are pretty poor shows. However Cossacks2 shines in skirmish mode as long as you learn how to navigate properly around the map. Great fun watching the hundreds of beautiful troops.

Imperial Glory I may have to purchase too I think despite its problems? Still on the fence with this one.

Can you play IG campaign multiplayer????? This would make it well worth it

There's no Multiplayer campaign, but nonetheless I highly recommend the game.

1st Jun 2005, 06:08
IG is different in looks and play...
I do own Cossacks2.. and basically I found it a bad game... I guess I hoped too much on a sequel of American Conquest...

cossacks 2 is just... 1 time fire then into melee... small trains of soldiers marching the landscape.... a European Campaign with 1 army....
and way more... so the game is now in my game graveyard...

IG is more entertaining... got me playing since release..
it is not RTW.... and I do find RTW still the better one... but IG has some good new features... IG is not historical correct and the units and economics of the countries look basically the same... but still it is great fun...
if you like to see marching soldiers.. hear battle cries... voice commands in German, Russian, British etc.. oh and even hear the enemy in his own language on the battlefield.. good political system.. and the Napoleontic area this is a good game.. and worth buying......

the sea battles are a bit disappointing... a 1 on 1 is great.. but with multiple ships I just find myself to use autocalc.. also you fall off the map very easy.. but I do not miss them as there is enough to do ingame...

oh and multiplay is like cossacks2 just the battles... never did some online time.. as I like the singleplay too much..

-- will give you the feeling like .. 1 more turn... 1 more.. at 01.00 :) )

1st Jun 2005, 06:44
LOL isadall,

that used to get me in RTW all the time, just one more turn and in no time its 3am :)

Isadell you are right about the voices in Cossacks being pretty shocking

I guess because I am a big fan of wargames that unless the battles are realistic its hard for me to swallow. However if it offers me great skirmish with friends who are not so bothered then this is ok at LANs.
I mean I know its a game but it would be nice to learn something along the way about how things work in the world and in combat - no matter what the era its always relavent. Although I am a hater of politics I must learn how to use it properly :)

So if one volley and then a charge is realistic then so be it, I must add though that infantry in stand ground formation in line are hard to take on with a charge, the other player will make sure he fires at least at mid range to kill a lot of your troops before you can fire and then win the bayonet fight if you charge him in stand ground formation. This is where experience\morale and troops types\nations come into play with cossacks2. If you have a specialised fast reloading and good aiming voltigier unit that has been in a few scraps to up their experience it is likely that even if you get off the first shot he will fire and then fire again before your novice troops reload. Or your novice troops will run at the first volley.
In multiplay I reckon many more long range firefight would happen - autofire is coming I hear and this will fix a lot of those issues.

If you have the new patch this fixes a lot of issues while creating other issues. IG looks to be a much more polished game and cossacks2 a unfinished game that will shine after a few patches

So combined arms wins the day.

I should get the demo again for IG before purchasing but from what I remember it was pretty unbelieveable a little like comparing Praetorians to RTW. Praetorians was a well designed and balanced game with a very polished finish while not coming anywhere near being historically accurate, you could learn little from it but it was fun. On the other hand RTW has lots of bugs and quirks while being an entirely more realistic game as RTS games go.

This is why I am hoping that the modders can make a difference here.

Also I hear that a Rome Total War: Napoleonic Mod is coming out, wonder if this will come close to IG

Oh and Cossacks2 has a few modes of multiplayer:
skirmish - one on one
skirmish - two humans on two computers
skirmish - two VS two humans
Historic battles - like RTW battles

I think thats all of them, then their is this multiplayer rated thing on the internet that I do not understand but includes some sort of strat map???

1st Jun 2005, 07:05
IG is the best game no doubt about it :p

1st Jun 2005, 13:24
the Napoleontic mod for RTW has got a release somewhere middle/end 2006
atm 10% is done :)

but what can I say.. my guess is that you will like IG.. but also dislike it... it has elements you really want.. and is lacking on some fronts..
option for stand ground is not in IG.. maybe in the pacth so you will yell in horror when your line of musketeers start breaking your formation to keep on shooting on the militia which is running for your cannons :) and so leave a gap in your defence...

play the demo first.... you will find the battle a bit too fast.. get used to it as there is no speed slider (yet) if you had fun... then buy it if not.. then wait till first patch/mod.. and go play some Silent Hunter3 in between...

oh and when you got the game.. do not play the game on easy..!! that is boring (for me as RTW fan) and will make you want to return the game within the day.. go for England on Hard or Prussia with medium.. will be both good games ... and just one more turn :)

IG is not perfect yet... and if you know the exploits of the AI/ game design you just have to stop using them :) still a good game.. which brought me a lot more fun than cossacks2

1st Jun 2005, 15:31
You might like multiplayer...... if you can actually play it unlike some of us :mad:

5/77 Armd
1st Jun 2005, 17:44
I'm not sure about my preference yet, just got IG a couple of days ago. I love the strategic set and control of the economy, much like ROME: TW. But I think I like the tactical level battles in Cossacks better. More realistic with morale and it seems like you can control them better. But with the bugs it has, the crappy strategic aspect, as well as congested maps... I think I'll lean a little to IG.