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31st May 2005, 23:17

I own a dell laptop that runs a custom resolution - when i start up Imperial glory it naturally runs in a glorious standard resolution like 800x600 and so on, stretching the pixels and making the text of the game very hard to read.

usually problems like that are solved by providing a windowed mode(since thats easier than coding support for all possible resolutions) - i cant find one in Imperial Glory though, thus rendering the game next to unplayable. So:

1) any way to run the game in windowed mode?
2) or any way to substitute the font for something more readable..

thanks for what looks like an awesome game


31st May 2005, 23:42
I own a Toshiba laptop which has default resolution of 1200x800 so when this game starts, it stretches by defeault. But if you do not want it streteched, then probably you can change that setting in the bios, that will display the game in standard resolution, leaving some areas on the two sides black.

btw, what graphic card does your laptop have? and which model is your laptop?

I have 5200GO, which runs this game horrible, I try to avoid using this laptop playing new games like this. But I have a Dell desktop which I use more often for playing games.

1st Jun 2005, 00:13
good suggestion - if i can get my Hell into bios without the black screen im cursed with that might work..

all newer games ran like crap on my geforce ti4200, until i found some hacked Nvidia detonator drivers so i could use their newer drivers instead of the fantastic version 45.xx version that came with mine - try to find some for your toshiba too..

however my above questions still stand - any way to run Imperial glory in windowed mode, or do I need to return it to BT games :)?

1st Jun 2005, 20:49
bump? it cant be true that noone knows the answer to a simple yes/no question...

2nd Jun 2005, 13:11
quote from Nvidia web site:

NOTE: GeForce2 Go, GeForce4 Go and GeForce FX Go mobile processors are not supported in this driver. Please contact the notebook's manufacturer for graphics drivers for your notebook PC.

The driver for 5200GO was dated last September, and it was the last driver that starts with 5x.xx, and the good thing is it suppports directx 9.0c, and I checked toshiba web site for the driver for my model, there are no newer drivers.

But you can check on dell site

support.dell.com, enter your service tag and check if any downloads are available.