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31st May 2005, 23:10
I know some people here & on other forums are concerned that no underwater sections have been featured in any of the media released so far for TR-Legend!! I have no fear that swimimg & underwater sections will not be in TR-Legend. Aquatic sections have always been a part of the TR experience!

I would love to explore some sunken temples-tombs & underwater caverns! What water based enemies would you like to see, great-whites, eels maybe a squid?
I've created some images to illustrate how maybe TR-Legend aqua sections could look!!!



1st Jun 2005, 00:29
Excellent Work Kiss-bite :o

1st Jun 2005, 00:50
Great work! I particularly like the eels.

1st Jun 2005, 12:25
Awesome job, as always kiss-bite :cool:

btw\ I don't think there won't be water in Legend. If they have removed it, I'll re-install AOD (<- this was a threat :p )

1st Jun 2005, 14:06
If they have removed it, I'll re-install AOD (<- this was a threat :p )

http://www.catsuitandponytail.com/files/eek.gif http://www.catsuitandponytail.com/files/disturbed.gif http://www.catsuitandponytail.com/files/1blushudder.gif http://www.catsuitandponytail.com/files/lol.gif

2nd Jun 2005, 00:45
....but I couldn't find Nemo :D
Excellent work as usual kiss-bite.

2nd Jun 2005, 18:44
Thankyou for such positive words (smile) In this image that I have created Lara vs Sea-Serpents. I have created some other underwater images which I'll post soon!


5th Jun 2005, 10:54
I like the way the filtered colour is consistant. I don't recognise the filters you are usuing for the watery effects. :D The layouts are all quite entertaining. ;)