View Full Version : working on a mini mod!

30th May 2005, 02:06
ok, ive been digging around alot in these files.

And came up with a idea, ive decided to work on a infantry only style campaign game. Meaning that you, and all the other empires can only create infantry units for battles, they cant have artillery, or cavalry.

Now I know for some of you this may not seem very fun, but I think it would be interesting.

Oh yeah, if you want units to still be involved tell me then ill include it before i release the files for everyone.

As it is now, I still have to test out the campaign and see if the A.I. only creates infantry, will report back what I find.

30th May 2005, 02:13
Sounds interesting, however, are you planning on having more "massive" infantry battles? You need some kind of special hook to add appeal. Otherwise no one will like it.

Eager to hear what you have up your sleave.

30th May 2005, 02:17
i could do without artillery, it's **** IMO. I dont build it.

30th May 2005, 02:41
im mainly doing this because I completed a campaign recently, and noticed most of the enemy armies were going all horses and artillery... this greatly disturbed me, although they werent very hard to kill, the battles just didnt seem as much fun.

So overall, when I figure out how to increase the ammount of commanders allowed in a province, and every army has infantry mostly.. just think, rows and rows of infantry. :cool:

30th May 2005, 03:44
could you tell me which files are the ones that let you change the amount of commanders allowed in a province? having a hard time finding it

30th May 2005, 05:16
would, but I dont know it yet, still searching... and getting a headache. :eek: