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30th May 2005, 00:03
Played France on medium diff. Had all the hostipal upgrades and continually struggles for Population. Expansion is amazingly hard so furthering pop via that was a no go. Under constant aggression. almost finished 2nd era research etc.
My struggle with the game came about due to silly things like all ships requiring way too many population, especially the merchants. Surgery DOES NOT HEAL anything ! it merely enables you to replenish but ONLY if you have the population to do so. This is in error also as the Hospitals does not take in to account the large % of soldiers that were wounded, heal them to go back into action ! Arty range is ridiculous but if it was as it should be then the accuracy would have to come down.

Things that I believe are mistakes:
Light Inf requiring 2 rnds when they are no better than Line because of the bad Melee skill.
All Ships cost way too much in resources to ever get a decent trade established.
Losing Nation sympathy merely for NOT wanting the food the neighbours want you to buy !
No Ally ever coming to my Aid in a crisis. Also not letting me call for Military Aid via the Diplomatic screen.
You should get Gold for all Prisoners.

Enjoyable game overall but immensily frustrating with all the silly errors that are all over the forum's. When your Army units 'overun' enamy artillery ALL that arty should be captured, not just in pursuit ! Cav and Inf dont destroy captured arty unless they cannot take it with them for any reason like terrain or ammo etc.
New building's cost way too much to build.

Admittedly, this is my first campaign over 3 days and there must be something I am doing drastically wrong to lose or not be able to expand enough without getting the world so upset.
MTW and RTW was no prob on the hardest levels for me but this takes the biscuit ! Man I hope I find something I did wrong but the manuals a pile of poo ! Why rush a game that has so much potential to be just sooo far ahead of the competion !
Had fun though getting Bony to 40 victories ! Field Marshal is very good.

Oh and btw ? Why the heck are their NO GENERAL's on the Field adding to morale ( or skill ) by having a ' Command Radius ' !

30th May 2005, 00:34
Thats strange, im france i have a massive army and a population if over 40000. It did conquer spain though, try that to boost population. And i want generals on the field in the exoansion or pacth. :)

30th May 2005, 02:18
well when u have troublw with expansion and u have alot of gold just buy your way out of it and by that i mean commercial transaction enables u to buy provinces in other empires except neutrals so i bought almost all of frances north afrikan states eg morocco and tunisia and the southern spanish territory and saxont and hannover well im playing russia and im in third age and ive conquered everything to austria and all of the middle east-afrika region and italy im moving into france now and ive carefully conquered northern europe an happily annexing denmark and ive just invaded scotland with a naval landing and im preparing a full assualt