View Full Version : Replace fallen troops?

29th May 2005, 03:38
I can't get my fallen troops to be replaced.
No matter what I tried the button below the field stays gray.

I am able to repair the ships this way but never the troops.
Pretty frustrating since I cannot find anything in the manual about it and it's not covered in the tutorial either.

So, my logic said put them in the barracks just like the ships in the harbor but no go, what do I need to do to replace my dead troops?



29th May 2005, 04:06
i had this exact problem, the best i could do was replace them from an already full unit (doesnt help at all).

29th May 2005, 04:34
I believe you need to research a tech first...Second Age I think.

Gelatinous Cube
29th May 2005, 04:53
If you're an Autocratic Government, you get the Tech to restore them. If you're not Autocratic, you'll have to just merge the injured units together. This is to emphasize the fact that Autocratic-based Governments are war-oriented, and Democratic-based Governments are money/peaceful annexation-oriented.

29th May 2005, 09:49
Alright, thanks for the info. :)

I guess merging is the way to go for me now. ;)

29th May 2005, 15:58
Yeah, it sucks having to disband veteran units as a democratic government :(

29th May 2005, 16:37
Well, next campaign I am not going to go democratic. :p