View Full Version : Capturing Cannons

28th May 2005, 23:58
I was wondering how i could capture cannons on the battlefield?Everytime i have a battle my troops always destroy the guns before i capture them,and was wondering if there was a key i had to press.I have researched the capture cannons and ships part.

29th May 2005, 00:45
You only capture units and cannons if the enemy flees. Atleast that is what I think, plese correct me if I am wrong.

29th May 2005, 01:45
yeah im pretty sure you can only capture cannons if they retreat first and you follow them

1st Jun 2005, 12:36
Nope still cant capture them.I even sent in my cavalry that killed the men and left the cannons there.But when i won the battle,they wasnt captured...

1st Jun 2005, 17:46
I have captured one cannon unit that fled ....in all my battles. So it can be done. Just seems like the % chance is pretty low.