View Full Version : Flickering pointer

28th May 2005, 21:45
Not a big prob but when I load the game my pointer flickers and it is hard to see where it is. Is there a fix for this.

I have a ATI RADEON 9600XT if that helps

All the latest drivers and that.

Any ideas will be great.

cheers :)

28th May 2005, 22:06
Well its not your video card since i have your kind of card and mine doesnt do this, maybe its your moniter? Thats highly unlikely but its worth a try :)

28th May 2005, 22:18
Do you have any other programs open when you play? Or did you recently alt+tab out of the game. Occasionally that causes cursor flickers.

28th May 2005, 23:13
I get the same and i assume it is merely changing along with calculations done in the background behind their screensaver-type picture. As it only happens at a time when you can't do anything in the game anyways, It doesn't bother me. It could just be something like one of the advanced options in your gfx card setting's like vert synch etc. I use an nvidia 9500FX.

29th May 2005, 02:46
Had a bit of this too...Usually just when trying to click a button. Common in quite a few games. Don't see any of this in the battles so I'm not worried.