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27th May 2005, 20:47
The colors of the uniforms on my computer are not that strong.The colors are washed out looking.I fought against the Spanish with French troops and the Spanish uniforms looked almost like black and white,very little color. Antone else seeing this?.I am using the 32 bit color option and have an invidia 256 meg video card.Are there any ways to make the uniform colors more vibrant and colorful? Thanks!

28th May 2005, 17:10
OK do this Click on your desktop go to proporties then settings tab then click advanced then click on your gfx card tab go 2 color correction and play with digital vibrance it will tweek your colors and make them look better thats the only thing i know how 2 make colors look more bold gl.

edit sry about my spelling /grammer

28th May 2005, 19:37
Well uniforms of that period, would fade and wash out the colours, British uniforms turned nearly pink in colour, while some turned a darker colour, even black.

The dye would wash out after long periods of rain and washing, so do not worry about the colours as long as they are on your side :D

28th May 2005, 19:49
Also, having 256 mb of video RAM will have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the range of colours you are seeing - just thought I would point that out as you were so keen to mention it.

1st Jun 2005, 22:53
Thanks Smithy021.The settings for the digital vibrance really helped! Didn't know how to adjust that.