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27th May 2005, 01:32
I can't seem to be able to save games. In the options I choose save game then I type in a name then click the green arrow but it dosen't seem to save. Am I doing something wrong? :confused:

Commisar Adam
27th May 2005, 02:53
No, it should save just afterwords. Is it possible your computer has ran out of memory?

27th May 2005, 03:08
I have 512mb RAM. I don't know if Virtual memory is important,but I have 28420MB free on my hard disk. System resources are roughly 42% free.

27th May 2005, 19:54
I am having the same problem. Everything in the game works fine, but when I want to save, nothing happens. I click on the green checkmark, it makes a click sound and then it sits there like I did not do anything. I do not want to play the game now because anytime I put into would be wasted due to the fact that I can not save.

27th May 2005, 23:38
Can anyone help?

28th May 2005, 02:20
I have the same problem, I wait the tech support reply. I don't know what to do , I tried everything

30th May 2005, 08:49
Can a developer or someone advise me of how to fix the save game function?
Currently, as the other people have highlighted, I cannot save any games whatsoever. The button does not accept the command to save and I have noticed that there does not appear to be a save game directory within the gaming files or in 'My Documents' (which sometimes other applications prefer).

As bugs go this is very serious and spoils any enjoyment of this game whatsoever. Any advice or help would be much appreciated or its back to the store with you! :mad:


1st Jun 2005, 18:18
Okay, here is the answer I got back from Eidos support on this issue:

This game was made for XP and 2000, ME is not supported. I would recommend keeping an eye on those forums and see if someone can find a work around.

So I guess ME users are SOoL. Looks like this is going on EBay. Damn developers.

1st Jun 2005, 18:21
theres gotta be another to emulate a save game. would need help from a computer geek. hm

1st Jun 2005, 18:45
Good Grief. Is that their idea of support? :eek:

Its just a simple save function - How hard can it be fgs?

Ok stuff em then, returning it tomorrow!!
Thanks for the info Tanith8.

2nd Jun 2005, 05:51
It's on the box that those os's are not supported, shame no-one reads them.

Though hopefully someone can find a workaround for the problem.