View Full Version : dam game i have problems help me

26th May 2005, 16:39
OK i have Intel celeron processor
Name: SiS Mirage Graphics
Manufactor: SiS
Chip Type: SiS 651C Rev 00

If you need to know more just ask but it doesn't work when i start the game it comes up with
The Application Can’t Be initialized

Help PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you


26th May 2005, 16:55
maybe a stubid question now, but this error message appeared to someone else, after he forgotten to insert his cd in the correct drive.

Have u insert the cd in same drive from where u installed the game?

26th May 2005, 16:57
i installed it on the DVD-ROM and tried to play on the DVD-ROM and when i put it on the CD-ROM it doesn't apper.

26th May 2005, 17:19
computer newly restarted too?
sometimes graphics wont initiate when you have been doing other stuff before, and that why it wont start atall.

You do have the right to alter data on the computer, so thats not a restriction either, right?

26th May 2005, 17:20
:confused: ? i'm not that gd at comptuers
what u mean

26th May 2005, 17:22
not sure what exactly he means, maybe this:

do u have all rights/permissions on you pc? (maybe client instead of admin)

26th May 2005, 17:24
yes i'm a admin

26th May 2005, 17:24
u have installed latest graphic card drivers and direct x?

26th May 2005, 17:25
any links?

i have the direct 9.0x that comes with it

26th May 2005, 17:26
What graphic card u have?

26th May 2005, 17:27
Name: SiS Mirage Graphics
Manufactor: SiS
Chip Type: SiS 651C Rev 00

if that's not it tell me how to find out

26th May 2005, 17:30
not sure, maybe this will help: http://www.sis.com/

26th May 2005, 17:32
what should i download?

26th May 2005, 17:32
aehm latest driver if possible?

26th May 2005, 17:35
what menu

Chipset software
IGP Graphics Drivers
GPU Graphics Drivers
Audio Driver
Network Driver
Other utlities and tools?

26th May 2005, 18:40
what menu

Chipset software
IGP Graphics Drivers
GPU Graphics Drivers
Audio Driver
Network Driver
Other utlities and tools?

IGP and/or GPU. The others seem less important..
But you must know the number for your card. Thats visible atleast on the manual for your card.. maybe it can be found elsewhere too.

26th May 2005, 18:48
this game beater be gd
could this be anything to do with my dvd drive?
any tips on next step?

dr dooom
26th May 2005, 19:30
bad news for u mate

it won't work with your card - had the same when tried to install on system with integrated graphics chip. according to readme, 'Note: Laptops & Integrated graphic cards may function but are not supported'

26th May 2005, 19:32
so can u find me a card in the price range of up to £50 and someone will install for me

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

26th May 2005, 19:47
does the
at http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/pcw_page.jsp?BV_SessionID=@@@@1071714892.1117136634@@@@&BV_EngineID=cccgaddekdgjkhjcflgceggdhhmdfhl.0&page=Product&sku=854355&category_oid=-9928&fm=2&sm=8&tm=undefined

Graphics Controller ATI RADEON
Memory Interface Not Specified
TV Output Yes
Card Interface AGP x 8
Bundled Software Not Specified
Triangles per second Not Specified
Pixel pipes Not Specified
Clock speed 200 mhz
Per pixel shading Yes
Fill rate Not Specified
Anti-aliasing Not Specified

Product Information

Embrace the challenge to rediscover your fantasies with the unsurpassed value afforded by the price vs. performance champion, the RADEON™ 9200SE Atlantis. With full support for DirectX® and OpenGL, the RADEON™ 9200SE Atlantis ensures a flawless gaming experience.

would this one work???

dr dooom
26th May 2005, 21:16
yup it would. personally i'd recommend something from nvidia but ati will suffice:)

27th May 2005, 07:55

dam game

28th May 2005, 20:45
i had the same problem but i have intel graphics card, they sed in another link (i think it was tech problems with imperial glory) that it was becasue of the graphics card so the other ppl are right. bloody game, i aint gettin a new card, cant be arsed just for on egame, not woth it. and yes i do have this thing about commas. :rolleyes:

29th May 2005, 16:13
it turns out that i am gettin a new graphics card form the guy that made our computer, good friend already a millionare! well anyway hey hey hey. :)

29th May 2005, 16:22
I use ati /Radeon 9600 with 128 ram and works fine for me.

Athlon 2800. :D

29th May 2005, 19:47
That's nice for you but I don't see the point of posting that other than you want to brag about your system.

29th May 2005, 20:40
who me or the other guy infront of me?
hey i jsut need another graphics card.

30th May 2005, 05:53
Not you, GenMoore.

30th May 2005, 11:02
:) gd gd chrz. ur nice. lol :)

5th Jun 2005, 13:08
I don't know which one to get?

256mb or 512mb?

What type?

What make?


5th Jun 2005, 16:40


Chipset : GeForce 6200
Memory : 512MB
Outputs : SVGA, S-VIDEO, DVI-I
Maximum Resolution : 2048x1536
Interface : AGP 8x
Model number: NA-6200A-TD56-PM8A44
Weight: 0.7Kg
Special Features :
CineFX Engine
Unified Driver Architecture (UDA)
nView Technology
Digital Vibrance Control

Model Number : NA-6200A-TD56-PM8A44 (8522)
Package Type : Retail
Chipset : nVidia GeForce 6200
Interface : AGP 8x
Video Memory : 512MB
Memory Type : DDR
Engine Clock : 350MHz
Memory Clock : 200MHz
Memory Interface : 128-bit
RAMDACs : 400MHz
Max. Resolution : 2048x1536
Connectors : SVGA, S-VIDEO (HDTV Support), DVI-I
Pixel Pipelines : 4
Pixel Fill Rate : 3.2G
DirectX Support : 9.0
OpenGL Support : 1.5
Compatible OS : Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Package Contents:
7 Pin S-Video to HDTV (YprPb) Lead
Low Profile Bracket
Driver CD

Manufacturer's Warranty: 2 Years

Please Note : Images are to be used as a guide. Actual product may differ from that shown.

For more detailed information about this product please check the manufacturer's website: www.xpertvision.com.tw