View Full Version : Help!!!!!

25th May 2005, 21:46
mine is messed up on gamespy

when i start to play it says i lost conection

and when i make my own game it skrews up in that i am setting up the game but no one else is on wtf is goin on

please someone help me

25th May 2005, 23:18
I think this forum should organize theres similarly to RTW's so there is a multiplayer issue forum. I dont know how to fix this, i have the same problem and my internet is working fine. I even tried to open internet explorer and nothing.

26th May 2005, 00:42
me too i dont know what is wrong

26th May 2005, 17:37
maybe a firewall / router problem?

for router: make sure you have open port 6601 for TCP and UDP

for firewall: allow IG the access to internet for client and server.