View Full Version : ATI RADEON 9200 256MB STAR WARS LEGO FULL - Display is dark and can't be changed

25th May 2005, 20:20
Hi All,

I downloaded the Demo of Star Wars Lego (PC) the other week and thought it looked interesting.

When the Demo started the display was very dark but I found I could increase the brightness with CTRL + (control key & Keypad Plus).

I just brought + recieved the Full game today.

Like the demo the game starts off very dark BUT unlike the demo the CTRL + trick DOES NOT WORK and I can not seem to increase the brightness.

I have tried changing the brightness from thr ATI - Adapter control but it doesn't have any effect.

In the small manual on page 8 under Video Options it mentions "use the ADVANCED OPTIONS to enable or disable various visual effects in the game".

Now I've looked and CAN NOT SEE this so called ADVANCED OPTIONS menu.

Another thing, during game play what does the "Effect Options" menu do?

I hoped the brightness control would be in here but the only option is "BACK"

Does anyone know then how I can increase the brightness, otherwise I can't play the game. It's silly they disabled the CTRL+ trick from the demo.

I'm using Windows XP - Celeron 2.30Ghz with 1GiG Ram & a Radeon 9200 PCI 256Mb (just down loaded the latest Catalyst driver from ATI - No change!)

25th May 2005, 20:42
I found another post by MaxQ that solves it. This lets you adjust the "game" brightness. It works. I take it all back, Cheers MaxQ

1. Right-click desktop>properties>settings>advanced>color

2. Click full screen 3D then hotkeys

3. Set up your hotkeys how you want (I use shift+ctrl+F7 thru F12 for increasing/decreasing contrast, brightness and gamma)

4. Hit ok, then Apply, then exit out.

5. Start the game, then start using your hotkeys to adjust the picture to your liking.

You'll need to do this each time you start the game, but you can also hotkey to save the current profile, so you can do all the adjusting with just one hotkey push. It's a pain, but you have much better control than with the in-game gamma and brightness.

BTW, I also manually adjusted the sliders in the ATI control panel and just saved that as a profile with the hotkey combo shift-ctrl-Z. It's pretty close and I usually just have to up the gamma 2 notches when I start the game.

Edit: I'm using a Radeon 9700 Pro with Cat 3.9's