View Full Version : Can't Talk- Playing game!

25th May 2005, 18:14
I've had 500 things (give or take a score) I wanted to bring up on the forum, but I haven't had any time.


Because- given a choice between 'talking' about this game or 'playing' this game, I'll take playing. Frankly, that pretty much goes for eating, watching tv, sleeping or just about anything else against playing the game.

In the five days we've had our copy of Imperial Glory, my girlfriend and I have played every spare moment of the day. When we try to take a break, we end up talking about the game instead, which is like two people on a diet discussing our favourite ice cream. And so back to the game we go...

Speaking of which...back to the game I go!

Great game guys! Later (When I next come up for air!)


25th May 2005, 18:20
question is how long will you play this game? :)
medieval total war has been out for a looooong time now and i still play it. sometimes i even go online *gasp*